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3 month old, holiday, HELP!!

In three weeks we will take our first family holiday to Tenerife for a week with a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old baby. I am so nervous and looking for advise, I am pretty confident that I am clued up on everything I need to know for for toddler but so nervous about my 3 month old, what do I take, sun protection, what's best to protect from sun whilst in pushchair? And also I was planning on taking a cheap umbrella style pushchair with a cocoon/carrycot to fit inside, however would I be better taking my pram? It weighs more than the allocated 10kgs so what would I do of I did take it?. Any advise for traveling with a 3 month old would be greatly appreciated, 
Thanks, from a panicked mummy 😘


  • Hello,

    try not to panic. Best thing to do is keep baby out of the sun as much as possible. You can put sun ream on babies but it stops them sweating properly so i would only apply it if baby is in direct sunlight such as in the pool.

    phone your airline and ask about taking your pram baby would be better in the pram and it will be more ventilated, baby might get too hot in a cocoon in a stroller.

    have a look at investing in a snoozeshade they are around £20 and can be attached over your pushchair to block the sun, they are ventilated and saftey tested.

    make sure baby gets lots of fluids i recomend feeding baby on take off and landing as sucking will help babies ears. - if you are taking formula you may have to taste is in the airport. 

    Baby should not beed water if breast fed but will need to feed more often.  You can offer a little cooled boiled water if using formula. Make sure it is boiled as it is not sterile otherwise

    make sure you have everything you need for sterilising maybe take a milton cold water steriliser and tablets for out and about.

    hope that helps 
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