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13.5 month old has no teeth! Anyone else's kids get teeth so late?

edited Apr 29, 2019 11:06AM in Baby
Looking for reassurance more than anything as I'm really starting to worry now. GP and health visitors have said not to worry but that's easier said than done. 

My 13.5month old still has no teeth apart from one poking through slighty on the top left towards the back.

Has anyone else child got their teeth late? If so, at what age? 

Thank you x


  • Hi @beccabear my daughter didn't get her teeth (bottom two) until she was 13 months old, so just a little earlier than yours, but once they started coming - they were popping up all over the place!
    On the plus side, she didn't start loosing them until really late - she was 7 when her first one came out. I hope this puts your mind somewhat at ease. 
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