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Waking at 5am

Hi, is anyone else finding their little
one waking at 5am and not being able to get them back to sleep. He is going to bed at 7.30pm and is sleeping through but I don’t understand why he is waking so early. He is having 2hrs in total for naps. He has only just started sleeping through as before that he co slept with us due to constant waking in his cot.  


  • We totally had this, and not helpful at all, but it was a phase that passed. Things to look at/think about... when your son wakes, is he happy enough to lay in his cot, or is he crying for you? If he's happy to lay there, i would leave him as long as poss. 
    Is his nappy super wet or pooey? He might be uncomfortable. Is his bedroom in complete darkness or is light making him wake? 
    Is he hungry? Could you feed him and then put back to bed? I think sometimes you just gotta take the rough with the smooth, as he's now going down and sleeping from 7.30 (well done - this alone is a huge achievement!). 
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