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Travelling to Greece with a 9month old

Hi I'm looking for some advice.
 I booked a holiday for me and my partner to Greece in August , this was before I found out I was pregnant, 
I thought it would be a bad idea taking the little one because it would be to hot!

 I tried to rearrange the dates, and even cancel our holiday to get my money back, a few months ago  but I am unable to do either? 

 has anyone took their baby abroad in July/August? 


  • I lived in Cyprus with my kid when he was under 1. As it was close to the seaside it wasn't that bad. Just make sure that baby stays hydrated (water, not juice) give a drink every 20-30 Min even if it's one sip. And cover baby in suncream till point you still can see it on skin, especially on high points as nose,ears and neck. Also baby should wear a hat all the time,as sun is very hot 
    Also make sure you are having pushchair and parasol on it..
    On plain most babies struggle with ear problem,ask for two plastic cups and cover and open your baby's ears in the start and end of flight,and during if it's necessary. Try to put baby asleep during flight it will be easier for both of you.
  • You'll be fine - just think about all the babies born in hot climates - as poster above said with her tips, factor 50 suncream, get those all in one bathing suits for baby and a hat, and keep them out of direct sunlight for long periods. Also, don't cover the buggy with anything if baby is napping by the pool during the day as it can make the inside get really hot. You will be fine - it's daunting, but honestly, you'll get it. 
  • We took my baby abroad to inlaws at 5 months for new year and will be going this summer at 1 years old.  I'm sure you will be fine.  As above suncream and hydration are super important.  I fed milk at take off and landing to help her ears.  
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