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Taking stroller or baby sling on Chiltern railways?

Hi Mummies, 
I would really love all your advice on this one, it might be a already discussed old issue but its a first time for me. I will have to travel to London Marylebone from Leamington Spa with my 9 months ild baby. Its her first journey by train and mine too with her. I am confused if I should take her in stroller or sling considering I will have to walk to train station which is 25 mins away.


  • It totally depends on what you are doing when you get there and what you need to carry. Personally i would probably take both! When I have travelled by train I have taken a small folding pushchair. Once on the platform I have pub baby in sling to keep my hands free and folded the pushchair ready to board. Normally people are quite happy to help. I then store my pushchair in the luggage rack and find a seat. Same thing when i get off, baby in sling get all my stuff and then get off. Once clear of the rush I put baby back in the pushchair. I hope this helps
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