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Since stopping breastfeeding baby is so unsettled

edited Jun 12, 2019 10:50AM in Baby
I have a 7 week old son. I stopped breastfeeding him a week ago for medical reasons.
Since stopping breastfeeding he is very unsettled he will only fall asleep on my arms and if he's out down he will just cry until he's picked back up. He won't let my husband comfort him. It has to be me or he won't stop.
I've tried the dummy and white noise and putting him down when he's drowsy but nothing is working. He spits the dummy out after a while and just doesn't seem interested in white noise. He wakes up fully when I put him down drowsy. And swaddling isn't an option as he screams if he can't lift his arms. 
It's lead to me not being very sleep deprived and the house is an absolute mess because I can't clean. And haven't showered in a few days because he just screams bloody murder. 
I can't cope with this anymore and I'm getting to the end of my patience 


  • Are you sure he is ok with formula that you giving him? Have you tried to swap it for different brand
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