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Baby tracking apps - Baby+ Update, what is your opinion?

Heya everyone, 
I am wondering if many (or any 😂) of you are using baby apps to keep track of stuff like breasfeeding,solids, nappy, sleep etc? I was, and still am, using Baby+ it was a great help since my days at the hospital, I loved how it worked from start and everything.. but it has changed 😪 they updated the app so it goes with the design of Pregnancy+ (they are made by same people) which is nice, BUT they changed so many things. I only noticed one positive change, and that is you can manually add sessions minute by miute, which was not possible before as you could only add it at 5 min intervals, but for me there is a hell load of negative changes, for example, you no longer see when the things have happened, like before you saw the last sleep session started 4h ago, now you only see there was sleep session of 2h long and you have no idea when, same goes for nappy and bf/feeding. And to get to the fact which breast you were using (which before was clearly stated on the main screen of the app and was the actual reason why I got the app) you have to click through so many things 😭 and also you no longer have that nice view of whole day as 24h and marked at which times your baby was asleep, you only get a graph where it roughly shows how many hours the baby slept 😢 what is your opinion on this? Am I the only one who is upset abou this? 
Does anyone know apps similar to this, that has things that I miss in the new update? 
Thanks a lot! 
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