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Baby struggling to feed for months!

my now 5month old baby has struggled feeding with her milk for months she screams and crys every feed, she had serve reflux so is on gaviscon and ranitidine. I just dont know what to do anymore, anyone else been in this situation? 


  • I know you've probably heard this loads, but hang in there. My second daughter was like this - i never felt like she was getting enough milk, she would often projectile vomit it up, she never had the right amount (but that's according to the guidelines on the side of the box) and i have to say when we weaned onto real food, she was like a different baby. So i would say wade it out - i think it will get better. 

    is she a good weight? Does she pass plenty of wees and poos? Is she shwoing any interest in food yet? 

  • Hiya she is on solids due to hospital making me start early as such a issue feeding but she just never wants her milk but loves her food xxx
  • Oh well that's good though that she loves her food and she'll be getting loads of what she needs from that. Are you still in touch with a health visitor? And is she gaining weight? 
  • I phone the health vistors when i need to like i have today but been no help 🤦🏼‍♀️. Yeah shes gaining weight luckily, just had enough of the stressful feeds hate seeing her in pain during a bottle 😩 xxx
  • Oh that's rubbish! I think as long as she is gaining weight at a good amount, that's really positive. But she's still so young so deffo needs her milk, so i get why you are concerned. When you take her to be weighed next, i would have a proper chat with one of the health visitors there - so sorry she is suffering tho, i remember how awful it can be. 
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