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January 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • Evie’s having like 2/3oz and giving up. Have to keep feeding her to get t down. She dosent seem to Sri k when we’re out and about. I’m worried when we go to santorini she won’t drink and get dehydrated 
  • Can't you dream feed her when she's having a nap or something maybe ?🤔 I actually have no idea Zoe! I need to turn the TV off and sit in a quiet room with no distractions to feed Brodie coz she just gets a couple of ounces down her to stave hunger and then pisses about something terrible! 
  • We have had a grand total of 15oz today 🙄
  • Exactly Evie! I have started to feed her when napping but she has clicked on & sometimes she won’t have it. She definitely is at the age where she just wants to play. She even pulls herself up from the feeding position to have a nose at the dog or a remote control etc 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think I read 10oz is when dehydration isn’t longer a problem so as long as they have that, they are safe from it. 
    Ps- I’m still having periods every other week!!! I had a scan to check everything’s ok and it was fine but also got low iron. This is not okay 😭😭😭
  • Oh no Zoe that sounds a nightmare. I got the coil fitted and my first period lasted around 3 weeks, second was a week. Had it in for 3 months now. 

    Does anyone have any advice for weaning a dummy? Logan has turned a corner with daytime naps which is great but night time we are being disturbed when the dummy comes out and he cries until it's back in. Even though it's him taking it out! We usually find it in his wee pudgy hand 
  • Neither of my kids have had a dummy so not really got any advice as such. My friend had the same problem with her little girl recently and she got a glow in the dark dummy and she was able to find it herself in crib and put it back in her mouth. Other than that... Cold turkey if you're brave enough? 🙈
  • Aww just realised he has it in his hand but not putting it back in his mouth. Bet it's because he's half asleep! Hopefully one of the other ladies will have ideas for you! 
  • Jdoo let me know if you figure it out because we have the exact same problem. Arden pulls it out in his sleep then cries, sometimes he tries to put it in backwards sometimes and cries. Very frustrating stuff. We were going to take his dummy off him cold turkey because I read it takes 3 days to break them out it and you just need to tough it out, but I think it’s helping his little gums which he’s really struggling with right now.

    on another note - we tried baby yoghurts for the first time tonight and they were a massive hit 
  • Noah has never had his dummy for bed. He just goes straight to sleep. He only has it through day when he is tired for his naps but he knows now how to put it in his mouth himself and Noah does same Chech put his dummy in backwards and side ways so its hitting his nose when he puts it in his mouth so funny lol!!

  • Brodie demolishes the yoghurts! 😂 

    Oh my, Noah is just gorgeous!! 😍
  • Wow he looks so much older, so grown up. Cheeky little face.
  • He has gorgeous eyes! 

    I cant remember if I mentioned it but it’s arden’s half birthday today 

  • Happy 6 months Arden 🎉
  • Brodie's half birthday today too! Birthday buddies! I didn't take the 6 month pic though coz she was a wee bomb scare today ha. Got a couple of pics from yesterday though and the 6 month one will be done tomorrow! 
  • Aw happy half birthday Arden and Brodie!

    Yeh I think we are going to go down the cold turkey route, have decided Sunday is the night as no plans on Monday. Eek
  • Aww Good luck Jen, you're a brave woman! Let us know how you get on x
  • Awww thankyou guys! He gets his eyes from me 😏 haha!
    Happy half birthday Arden Brodie! 🎈Proper cute both of them! 
  • Which baby yoghurts ar these Chech?
  • I get yoghurts that are heinz ones IK... She loves the apple and pear ones the most but also had banana. 
  • Ooo il have a look at them. Thanks!
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