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January 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • I think it’s to do with natural vs refined sugars. But I’m not 100% sure! We don’t use pouches so I can’t comment on those. A friend mentioned some pouches add a lot of fruit to make it sweeter rather than just veg so to watch out for those but yeah I’m not really sure tbh. We haven’t tried baby rusks! But my mil suggested soaking them in milk if we were to give them? So that might help with the choking 
  • I started Evie on purées Sunday and she’s doing well! Almost two I’ve cubes full every afternoon! I too am nervous of choking out want her to do BLW too 🙌🏼 I’ve been watching YouTube vids on what to do when the choke. So scary that it’s definitely a possibility of it happening! Me & Evie just got home from our first mummy & baby Pilates! Not gonna lie? I sweat! & my gym gear was SNUGGG!
  • Hi ladies hope everyone is well!

    What do you have for the bubs to sit up in on the floor? My friend has one of the playrings and we are contemplating getting one but wondering if it's a bit late as Logan will hopefully be crawling soon. 
  • Hi all, just to let you know we are currently experiencing problems with email notifications when someone replies to a thread (sorry! we are working on it), so please do just keep checking back in on the thread. 
  • Hi girls. Jen I don't have anything, Brodie is mostly in her jumperoo or her swing. She can't sit on her own yet and I don't like bumbos etc as I feel it forces them to sit in a position that they're not ready for if that makes sense. If she's sitting on the floor, she's usually leaning on me. She likes to play on her tummy on her mat. She has started sleeping on her tummy all night as well now. I put her down on her back and she rolls over instantly so I just leave her. 

    I'm like you, feel it's a bit late to be investing in something else for her to be sitting in but at the same time, it could realistically be a while before they can sit unsupported etc so... I'm not sure. 🤔 
  • Arden can sit himself so I just put him on the floor 🤷🏼‍♀️ I put a cushion behind him because he will occasionally throw himself backwards on purpose.
    the inflatable rings aren’t bad, he has one at my gran’s but I find they lack friction so they slide away if they get leaned on 
  • Yeah I'm the same chech, my mum has one and it's a bit flimsy! I wish my baby could sit on her own... Think she's a while away yet! She has two teeth now though 😂
  • We've not used anything with Cooper. When he started to sit and was wobbly we put cushions all around him to soften falls, but tbf he falls in slow motion. He's been sitting up fab for a while now tho, very rarely falls, if he does its still slow and he jusy rolls onto his tummy.
  • Were doing a mix of baby led and purées right now. I’ve given him a couple jars for convenience and he loves the things 😅 he gets little angels yoghurts because they’re super low in sugar. I’ve become obsessed with checking sugar and salt content. He loved weetabix and shreddies. We give him adult porridge now for supper and he’s actually sleeping better. He has wee willy winkies sausages, pancakes, toast and fruit so far for finger foods. He coughs up a bit because he’s greedy but he’s been quite good. 
  • Evie’s been sitting since 4.5 months she’s excellent! Did you get one of those feeding cushions? It’s like a foam semi circle... I just put that behind her when I’m not with her to make sure she dosent fall back.
    HOW HOT WAS IT YESTURDAY 😭😭😭 oh my lord, that wasn’t fun with a bubba! 
  • It isn't as hot up in Scotland thankfully. It is hot but nowhere near how hot it is down south. 

    Brodie has wraps and sandwiches etc for lunch now. She also likes pancakes and little cocktail sausages! She's gagging a lot less now. There's a cauliflower cheese jar that she just absolutely loves! Although she's doing well with the finger foods, I still find she doesn't eat most of it. Kind of just eats some and the rest is left in a mushy mess! 😂 I actually can't handle the mess  no way she's getting to feed herself stuff with a sauce etc. Not a chance in hell. 
  • Nah I’m the same Colpage I couldn’t stomach the idea of letting him feed himself Bolognese or anything, the idea gives me the fear. It was 29 degrees in Kilmarnock yesterday. Beyond bearable 
  • Hey girls, just looking for some advice. Since Brodie has started taking more food the last couple of weeks, she just will barely take any milk at all during the day. I mean literally next to nothing! I offer her it and she just takes like an ounce and then starts spitting it all out and won't take anymore. The main problem is though that bedtime is getting later and later because at night, she wants lots and lots of milk and cries until she gets it. I don't know what to do for the best, I can't force her to take it through the day, she just won't. Do I cut down on food through the day to try and up her milk? Or do I keep giving her the food so she's at least having something? I literally spend about 4 or 5 hours a night just giving her bottle after bottle! She still sleeps really well etc when she goes down but she won't sleep till she gets a shit load of milk! Any suggestions welcome...
  • Can you try offering her it more frequently through the day? Can't really suggest anything else, unless you do cut down food which isn't ideal 
  • I offer her it first thing in morning because she's not had any good yet  I wait till she's up half an hour and she'll hardly take any. I then offer her more an hour later, again won't take it. She takes her porridge afterwards. I try a couple more bottles before dinner, she takes first few sips and then starts arsing about spitting  it out etc. Then will take her dinner. I try her with milk right after her bath, won't even look at it. 🙄 I always offer her it before food as I obviously don't want her to be too full to drink it but she won't take it either way. I'm just giving her some finger food today... She won't actually digest most of it so I'm hoping she'll take more milk but so far today she has had 3oz. So looks like another day of late feeding on the cards! 
  • How is Brodie getting on Col? Taking any more milk? 

    We think Logan has been having issues with Weetabix, he becomes so windy and uncomfortable a couple of hours after it. Has anyone else had issues? 
  • We managed to get her to sleep an hour earlier last night by basically packing her full of milk every half hour for a while... Not ideal. Hoping to bring the time forward a bit again tonight.

    I haven't tried Brodie with weetabix yet. I would say cut it out for a few days and see if there's improvement. If so, he might have a wee intolerance. Maybe ask health visitor about it next time you see her. 
  • Col have u tried to offer it as soon as she wakes? Cooper feeds at 6.30 as soon as he wakes then nothing till his afternoon nap around 2. Then he feeds almost constantly from 8-11pm. 
  • Hi Chelle, yeah I have tried, she won't take anything as soon as she wakes. Not even an ounce! So frustrating! She used to get up at 8 for a morning feed then back to sleep for a bit but she now skips that's bit and doesn't get up till ten. 
  • Oh no. Hopefully its just a phase, or as you said reduce her food. So frustrating isnt it. Coopers been struggling to pooh now for over a week, the only constant he had was toast every day, so ive cut that out yet he's still bunged up poor boy. 
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