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January 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • I've tried waking her up earlier but it just makes her crankier the rest of the day. Can't win! Makes me feel a bit better that Cooper also does the constant feeding at night thing. Not just me! 

    Aw what a shame, maybe you need to wait a few days after cutting out something from the diet to notice a difference? Maybe try wholemeal bread etc, something with more fibre. Failing that... The P fruits! 
  • Hi guys, we seem to remember some of your babies struggling with reflux - we have two new members really going through reflux hell, and we were hoping you might be able to offer advice? 
    Their threads are here: Projectile vomming/reflux and Gaviscon for babies 
    Thank you  :)
  • Hi all, we're giving away this beautiful Little Bird Changing Bag worth £60 - to find out how to win it, please check out Latest Discussions. And if you have the time, please do check out the other threads over there, you never know, you might be able to offer some advice blush 

  • @colpage127 its been almost 2 weeks since we stopped bread and hes just had a normal poop 🤣 
    All 4 of mine have been cluster night feeders. The trick is to get them to start earlier, like 5/6ish, then you can get an evening back. Theres too mich going on here though at that time for him to wind down 🙈
  • I usually give her some actual food at tea time. Might knock that on the head earlier in the day and try hitting the bottle (Of milk)! Thanks ❤️
  • The days I’ve been giving Arden his dinner earlier (around 3:30pm), then supper at 7:30
    and bed for half 8 hrs waking up like 4 hours later wanting a bottled and going straight back to sleep. It’s as if he wants to be really really full going to his bed so the nights he has dinner at 5/6 then supper at 8 he’s sleeping much better.

    re poops, I gave him shredded wheat for his breakfast yesterday and wheatbisks (cheap weetabix) for his supper and he has been pooping loads for 2 days. I’ve given up with baby porridge after clocking all the sugar so now he has “proper” cereal for supper
  • Yeah I have given Brodie weetabix for supper the last couple of days! She still wants to horse milk down her throat constantly but she likes the weetabix too. 
  • How are you all doing with weaning? 

    I've realised that Brodie hates her hands getting dirty. She doesn't mind holding some foods, like a wrap with ham or cheese in it for example  But if I put something messy down for her... She just chucks it down again. I gave her a bit of banana today and as soon as it went a bit mushy she wouldn't look at it. She will start eating toast but again, once it's a bit soggy, she just chucks it down. I think I'll need to keep up purees etc or she'll never eat anything! She takes weetabix in the morning or proper porridge. And she'll eat things that are relatively 'clean' but that's it! 
  • Finger foods not so good. Actual meals he is a grubber. Eats everything put down to him, tried to lick the bowls
  • Colpage that was like my wee brother. To this day if he’s eating chocolate and it starts melting he freaks, and he’s 9
  • Does he just not like the finger foods Jen? Apparently I was the same when I was wee chech! 
  • Yep Cooper not great with finger foods still. Keeps choking, horrid. Keep trying him tho. 
  • We got these massive pastas from Morrison’s which he loved. Maybe Brodie would eat them dry? 

    Arden (the notoriously shit sleeper) slept for 12 hours solid last night and I’ve no idea how or why he done it 😢
  • Not that he doesn't like them he doesn't really know what to do, he likes toast though. I'm not sure what to offer him though 

    Logan is crying out 5-6 times a night cos he's rolled onto his back and wants onto his front so I am exhausted!

  • Yeah I haven't tried her with pasta yet... But I'll try it without a sauce possibly. She was choking all the time to begin with but doesn't now Chelle. Fingers crossed he sleeps again tonight for you chech! 

    Aw Jen, they say if they don't know what to do then they aren't ready so he's maybe just not ready for it. Hopefully Logan learns how to roll back over in his sleep so you don't have to roll him over all the time. Fingers crossed for you it won't take long  
  • Hi ladies! 
    Im really, really struggling with the Evie & Daddy thing. It’s starting to get me upset. I could never had imagined that daughter and husband just don’t get along. ... like why can’t it be that way like everyone else’s little familys are getting on just fine enjoying their new little ones which they have been looking forward for a life time & play together. 
    Evie is so wise to it & I’ve noticed  her clock her dad and then get upset... Simon would be a fantastic dad if she just gave him the chance but she’s also knocked his confidence and he is so down! I’m just so worried this isn’t going to get better? There’s just never any improvement 😭😭😭

  • Logan has 2 teeth! 
  • @Zoenew awww that sounds like a hard tome you're all having. Having you tried leaving her with him and going out? I know it sounds harsh and yes it will upset you and her but to see if she calms? So she sees he's just as good as you. Xx
  • @Jdoo wow thats fab. Coops is still gummy and no signs
  • @ChelleH83
    Was weird, I thought a felt something in the morning but couldn't see anything and then he woke up halfway through a nap completely inconsolable. Went to put on some gel and was like omg! Then when hubby checked he said it was actually 2!!!
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