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January 2019 Babies - Part 2

DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
edited Jul 11, 2019 9:48AM in Baby
Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the January 2019 Babies peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Cooper was 23lb last fri, 28 wks.
    He was in size 4+ nappies but we've just changed to reusable nappies as were struggling to find one that didn't give him a rash.
  • Brodie has been in size 3 pampers for ages now. She seemed to be in size 2 for about 5 mins and then moved straight on  
  • Zoe it will say on the diaper - there should be a number there! And rascal and friends from Tesco! Chelle I want to swap to reusable can I get some advice from you? 
  • Of course @bandaid
  • Size 3? Xxx
  • Yeah although mine don't look like that 😂 I've got the ones without the yellow line
  • Zoenew said:
    Size 3? Xxx
    The 1 and 2 are for fitting. 1 fits perfect and 2 is when they getting ready for next size.  X
  • Just posting so I follow the new thread.

    rascal and friends are a little expensive but I think they’re great 
  • Hi @Chech you can click the little green star next to the thread title too to bookmark the thread :smile:
  • Noah is on size 4 aldi nappies. He has been with Aldi ones since he was born. I cant fault them to be fair!
  • Arden pees through aldi nappies every single time. I don’t know how. Everybody else I know loves them 
  • Thank you Chelle! I never knew that!! Aldi have been great but size 3 is huge on Evie and 2 is making her a little sore around the legs. I don’t like the fact they are green though! Why couldn’t they keep them white lol!
  • I feel like the pampers are a perfect fit so I just haven't moved from them! x
  • Morning! Evie’s been horrendous  with her feeding for a while again & the past few days I’m struggling but managing to get 20oz down her a day. JUST!😭  offering her boiled water because I’m worried she may dehydrate as it’s warm. But what I was going to say is she is pooping like 5 times a day! Waking early in the morning for a change, sometimes they are small & it’s like it comes out with a little wind. It’s very yellow. I’m wondering if it’s her milk? Or if she’s got an upset tummy. She normally goes once a day or every other? 
  • I also done a clean on her prep machine because I freaked out it could be that! 
  • Brodie is very yellow too! Has been since I put her on reflux milk. She's only had around 17oz a day the last few days, I think it's the heat. 🤔 She's just not taking much at all.
  • Arden only takes 20oz a day. 4 x 5oz bottles. Sometimes another during the night but most days I can’t get any more in him no matter what 
  • Brodie was still taking over 30oz up until this week...
  • Yeah Arden was taking about 32 oz until about 3/4 weeks ago and now it doesn’t matter if you give him a 6 or an 8 oz bottle he will stop at the 5 
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