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Need help and advice please!!!!!

Hi all my DS is 6 weeks on thursday and since birth he has been on SMA breastmilk substitute as I wasnt able to BF and his BM at first was normal now over the past 2 weeks his BM are going from yellow to dark green and his tummy is bloated a little I've spoke to my HV and she said to give him 3oz of water daily which I have been doing but he crys in pain now and again but is drinking his milk fine I'm not sure if he has colic or upset tummy as I've switched to colic bottles just in case he has colic but I'm a worried new mommy and googled everything since he was born I've been given advice from all other moms but nothing is helping do I need to switch his milk or not I've got my post natal check up soon should I ask then to see what happens. I'm new to everything and not sure what to do. 

Thank you newmommy27


  • Can anyone help me I feel so useless
  • May be he is a bit dehydrated. Babies who have formula should have water too, especially with heat we had recently. 
    Also he might go through 5-7weeks crisis. It's when baby starts see better and starting to get worried if he is not seeing mommy near.
    For formula fed baby dark green stool consider normal. Try to massage his tummy (just going round clockwise direction) before each meal. It will helps with bloating
  • Yeah I've been given him 3oz of water daily and massaging belly as it is bloated due to trapped wind but I've been trying colief and that has helped with pooping as it has gone back yellow color and he has been more alert but still sometimes struggles to poo but soon as I've given the water hes ok after and has another bottle then falls to sleep also bathing at night before bedtime which is soothing and helps also playing white noise but have got HV soon so see what she recommends with his milk or what not
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