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Possible Cows Milk Protein Allergy

Would love some well needed advice or help please.
My 7 week old little boy has been showing some symptoms that I think may be cmpa related.
It all started with his refusal to sleep during the day. Some days, including today,  he has gone nearly 6 hours without a nap. I've put him down in his cot multiple times, in his bouncer and in my arms but he just constantly wriggles about with his arms and legs constantly moving. His body also stiffens up (not a problem with wind though). All this stops him falling asleep for longer than 10 mins. 
My GP has diagnosed him with silent reflux so he's been on anti reflux formula for a few weeks which is helping. 
Along with this he has a rash on his face, chest and arms that the GP has said is milk spots but they aren't going away.
He also sneezes quite alot during the day and has a weepy eye - all symptoms of cmpa.
He has no issue sleeping during the night thankfully. 
Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I'll take all the advice I can get at this stage. I'm drained from all this. 

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