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Reflux - anyone used adult Gaviscon for a baby?

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has anyone been prescribed adult Gaviscon for silent reflux? My baby is 5 weeks and is suffering badly from acid reflux, I know mums who’ve been given adult gaviscon so I tried it yesterday and it worked immediately. Got a GP appointment today and she gave me infant gaviscon, it hasn’t really done anything and we’re back to square one again tonight with a writhing baby screaming for two hours before bed. 
If anyone was prescribed adult Gaviscon could you tell me if you use it for every feed or limit it ? TIA x


  • Hi, 
    my baby has been on Gaviscon infant since about 6 weeks. We use the two sachets to match the amount of liquid in bottle. The double gaviscon helped but then noticed Grayson was still bringing some up at different times, he now has the gaviscon and reflux milk and that has totally settled him though some times slightly contispated!! The doctor told me he can have it in 6 feeds max- he now only has 4 so it’s every bottle apart from the one during the night as we have noticed he doesn’t suffer then 

  • I wouldn’t recommend using adult gaviscon. The strengths of sodium and magnesium in the adult compared to the infant are vast. It’s very salty. I would say if the infant gaviscon isn’t working their are other options the GP can prescribe such as omeprazole or ranitidine. Infant gaviscon wasnt a quick fix for us. It took us a few days before we had any response but then after that we were Amazed and you could tell if we had ran out or forgotten to give it. Im not saying in some cases the GP won’t give adult gaviscon but a lot of nhs health board advice sheets for reflux etc is not to give the adult version.
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