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6 month old don’t like Daddy


This is going to be long- I apologise!!!

Im looking for some advice or anyone that’s been through this too as it’s heartbreaking for me & my husband! ... 
Our beautiful girl Evie (our first little baby) since around 3/4 weeks old will not allow daddy near her, to feed her, cuddle her, carry her etc. She’s almost 6 months and although as she started to laugh and smile she does interact with dad but that’s as far as it goes. It’s extremely heartbreaking for hubby as he would be an AMAZING dad if she just let her 😭 he wants to be able to have daddy play, pick her up and kiss her face! Its so frustrating for me as Much as she is the most amazing thing a lil break wouldn’t go to miss....but mostly, I want daddy to be able to enjoy her & play just as we do! I literally pray for this to happen. I can’t help but imagine how it should be and it breaks my heart 😭
she is the happiest little girl until we try and get daddy too involved. Sometimes just laying next to her to play she dosent like it.
We both agreed not to just leave them alone as I think Evie needs to learn to trust Dad first & 
Even if he holds her, she cry’s so hard she poops, sicks and gets all blood vessels come up as red dots all around her neck & strain marks on her tummy and the red dots on the skin around her eyes! So, we don’t feel it’s healthy for her to get in that much of a state. 

I just cant see this getting better!! And it’s making me so, so sad. We just don’t feel like a family and it’s breaking me


  • It all sounds pretty normal to me. What are some of her favorite things to do? Help her father come up with special "daddy time" activities, maybe something only he does with her (to avoid having her comparing them with when she did the same thing with mommy). Sit down as a family to plan these (I'd suggest you plan both a mommy-daughter and daddy-daughter activity at the same time to avoid favoritism, with both mommy and daddy contributing to the discussion for both events

  • Shes prob picking up on the anxiety your both subconciously giving off over this now. If it were me i would just leave her with him and go right away out the house, go shopping or whatever. Its like when kids cry when u drop them at nursery, they are always worse when mum is hanging around and stop once shes gone. Get him to push her out and about in pram without u. The ride will prob distract her
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