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3 month old, reflux, cmpa or just him?

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Hi, my first post so hopefully I'm in the right place. Sorry, it's going to be a long one! 

I'm just at my complete wits end with my baby's feeding. He is 3 months old and has been like this since about 4-6 weeks and it has gradually got worse as time has went on. 

He was a very sicky baby since birth, being combi fed expressed breast milk and the occasional cow and gate, he would projectile vomit after every feed. Every morning he would wake up soaked with sick along with the sheet/muslin in his Moses basket. At 3 weeks it was obviously starting to hurt and after a very long afternoon of constant screaming and vomiting I decided to stop expressing and put him on Cow and Gate anti-reflux milk. The change was instant and I thought we had found the cure to all our problems. 

He was great for around 2-3 weeks however he then started to fight us when we tried to wind him. He would dig his heels into our legs and go completely rigid. Eventually an over the shoulder position got him to burp but he started hating that too. This gradually got worse and he started screaming alongside the rigidness, this got to the point where the minute we took the bottle away to burp him he'd start screaming, arching his back and almost throwing himself out of our arms. This resulted in extremely bad trapped wind as he was just sucking in more air than we were getting out of him. Give him back the bottle though and he would be fine. This would happen 9/10 every feed, although sometimes if he was a bit sleepy or very full he would relax and allow us to burp him.

Now at 13 weeks we are still having the same problem. Complete meltdowns when feeding. He is visibly uncomfortable during feeds and takes 5-10 minutes to settle often us needing to walk around with him upright, facing forward. I dread every feed and I'm mentally and emotionally drained from it all.  We have tried infacol, gripe water, colief/co lactose. 

I have been back and forward to gps who would tell me it's just his personality. We tried gaviscon, ranitidine and now omeprazole with little effect. I have looked into cmpa and he does show some symptoms however gps are not convinced as he is gaining weight well, taking full bottles and is a generally happy baby out with feeds. 

I'm not sure if he has a full blown allergy but maybe an intolerance? He is a very windy baby, farts constantly and they are pretty smelly! He coughs a lot and sneezes often, he has some slight mucus in his poos which used to be yellow but are now more of a green. He can be very constipated some days and other days his poos are loose. Recently I have noticed when he takes his bottle his eyes will go red/blotchy and puffy, not severely but there's definitely a change and I'm not the only one to see it. He also quite obviously has reflux!

He is still on the antireflux as it seems to help with the sickness - he still brings up feeds but nowhere near as much. I'm not sure if a change in milk would do it. I tried very briefly with hipp organic but that just sent us back to projectile vomited and screaming. 

Is there an over the counter hypoallergenic milk I could try? GPs have now started questioning if I'm coping,so  im scared to go back to be fobbed off again and my mental health be questioned!


  • Hi! Welcome!

    Ok so my little boy was extremely refluxy and what we thought was colicky. Was gaining weight well but Extremely windy and seemed to really really struggle to poo. Lots of back and forth to the gp, tried infacol, gripe water, co lactase drops, gaviscon, lactulose and nothing seemed to work.
     Initially I was attempting to bf, then giving him ebm and supplementing. After 3 weeks decided to just give him formula. Tried cow and gate normal, aptamil normal, cow and gate comfort, cow and gate anti reflux. Nothing worked. We eventually tried lactose free aptamil at around 8 weeks and although it didn't stop the reflux, we found he was then able to manage his wind a bit better and became a bit more regular with poos. We didn't believe he was lactose intolerant but as it seemed to work we kept at it. He is now 7 months old and every so often we will try normal formula but he gets the same windy reaction. So he must have an intolerance. Just saw about the blotchiness, that happens to my LO too. 

    Anyway, with your little one I would definitely try a different milk. Have you tried the anti colic bottles? We found the Dr brown's made a big difference and he now uses tommee tippee with no issue. You can but lactose free in some of the supermarkets/boots if you wanted to give that a go? 

    It will get better I promise!! 
  • We use both mam and dr. Brown anti colic bottles. He has also been on tommee tippee and Avent (I even bought an anti colic vavle for the Avent bottles). I looked into sma wysoy (sp?) And have just bought aptimal sensavia today so will give that a go. Thank you! Hopefully something works for him! 
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