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Newborn dummy

Hello! I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some advice regarding dummies! My 3 week old LG is exclusively breast fed. I'd ideally like to introduce a dummy for the times where she isn't hungry but just needs some comfort. I've tried mam, tommee tippee and NUK but everyone she seems to gag on and doesn't really take to it. I'm not sure whether to take this as a sign that she isn't going to get on with it, or to keep trying for a bit longer before just accepting she doesn't want it! Advise please ☺️ thank you! 


  • If she doesn't take to it, i would say steer clear as they are a nightmare to wean your baby off when the time comes. I say this from experience! 
    So i have two girls, the first one was addicted to her dummy she was bottle fed, but as a newborn preferred the Tommy Tippee Cherry dummies - they have like a 'ball' on the end. Then she changed to MAM dummies and that was the one, forever until she was 3 and a half! 
    My second child we tried all the dummies like you, and she would just pop it out - she just didn't want it at all, so we gave up, and you know she was fine without it. Hope this helps a bit! 
  • My first two kids been EBF and without dummy...never ever tried it
    With my last baby who is EBF too and he took it for 10min and that's it...he don't want dummy I decided to give up...
    And it is not recommended to give a dummy to breastfeed babies before your milk supply establishes, it will be roughly 4-8 weeks
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    I never wanted to give my LO a dummy, however after a few weeks of breastfeeding we found it essential. We bought him a wubbanub, its a dummy with a small teddy attached and he instantly took to it. They also do ones without teddys attached which we have too - the style is the philips advent soothie and I can't tell you how amazing they are :) 
  • Every mom and baby is different. I exclusively breastfed and never gave my son a dummy, which I'm happy about now, as i  see some people have such trouble taking the dummy away from their child .
     I was definitely my son's dummy for the first 2 months. I found the first 2 months the hardest for that reason, i let him latch on all the time. You are at the half way mark now. In my experience, once you get past the 2 months, your baby won't be using you for comfort the whole time.  

    I'm due my second child and planning on letting this baby use me as a dummy again! 

    But if you want to get a dummy, it looks like it's trial and error .There are so many to choose from .
  • I think breastfeeding is good than the dummy.
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