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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in September 2019 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in September 2019 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around September 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Tagging our lovely new mums @Lmc19xx @Lizbragg35 @Jonesy23 @Lea2018 @Alice2801 @Hol2307 @Alice12
    Please do come on over and let us know how you're doing. 
  • Been awol for a while as had so much going on.. So here we are on due day and have woken up this morning to a bloody show, fingers crossed should start today if my 2nd is anything to go by 😬 getting very nervous/excited.

    Hows everyone else, hope all who have their babies are settling down well x
  • Hi not been here for a few days as there is alot going on now i have these pelvic pains and cant walk. I feel baby is very low and its not easy now.i just wish something happens now. I get lots of braxton hicks and more discharge but nothing much.
    I am not due for another 17 days hope it goes quick mow
  • Exciting mich, anything happening? Pam I hope your ok. I know it seems like ages away but it will fly. Who’s still due to have babies? How’s everyone’s babies doing? Sofia is over 3 weeks old now, going too quick I don’t like it!! She’s finally in a newborn baby grow, so nice to put her in some clothes we choose for her and not panic bought tiny baby clothes. Getting her weighed tomorrow, I’m hoping she’s now 6lb something. She’s still being so good, haven’t had to give her a dummy so I’m hoping that means she won’t have one now. She settles herself well so hoping that continues.
  • My due date is 10 days away. I'm feeling generally miserable. Is pre baby blues a thing?

    I had a weird night this week - continuous cramps and lower back pains. Thought I was in labour but no contractions or show or water breaking. And it stopped in the morning. Spoke to the midwife - she said false starts are fairly common. I've been having lower back pain almost every evening now. 

    My appetite is pretty much gone. Now just wanting the baby to pop out! Haha. 
  • I didn’t get close enough to my due date to have the blues but I imagine it’s a thing as the anticipation must be high. You are pregnant for so long!! 

    Must make sure I post in the correct September babies group as last years one was next to this one and I went into that first!!
  • Hi everyone,

    Jack is two weeks old today. Time goes so fast. He lost 1lb a few days after he was born but he has gone above his birth weight now. His newborn clothes are starting to get a bit tight so I don’t think it’ll be long before he is in 0-3. They grow so quick don’t they!

    Jack hasn’t got a dummy either Liz, I’m not sure when they would need one? Would it be if they didn’t settle?
    How long is Sofia going in between feeds? Jack is having 3-3.5oz every 2-3 hours. I was hoping he would sleep longer at night but he doesn’t yet 🙊 
  • I always thought a dummy was quite an instant thing like within the first week if they need it. Hopefully this means they won’t have one? I feel so clueless sometimes!! 
    she drinks between 3-4oz every 4 hours. Most times she only takes 3oz. I think at this stage you just have to feed on demand. Do you think he would take more if offered and go longer? 
  • Nia am the same as you lower back pain and thought I was in labour but no contractions. 
    Liz and jonesy I have always known that babies that take dummies will take it from the start if proposed but then some take it later.
    Hope mich you OK and that your soon to have baby.
  • I think he would take 4 some times if I let him, I just get nervous about him making himself sick 🙈 he’s never slept longer than 3 hours though. Sometimes he’ll have 3oz and then wake an hour later and have another 3.5oz, little piggy 🙈.
    Do you have a Moses basket for Sofia? We do, and he sleeps fine but I use the same one for upstairs and downstairs, I’m already sick of carrying it up and down as I take it down for him to sleep in during the day so thinking about getting something else for upstairs, maybe another basket, snuzpod or crib 
  • I’ve got a snuzpod for her, she absolutely loves it and I’m thinking of getting another 2nd hand for the same reasons. There are loads for sale local to me on Facebook. The longest Sofia has gone is 5 hours so far but she pretty regular every 4 hours at the mo. 
  • I’m going to have a look on the internet today and decide what is best to get. Is the snuzpod bigger than a Moses basket?
    Well we let Jack have 4oz during his night feed and he did sleep almost 4 hours. He’s had another 4 this morning 🙈 little piggy. 
    Do you have a prep machine? I love ours!
  • Yes my snuzpod is massive. Will take a pic for you with her in. 

    Also have the prep machine, life saver!! Although annoyed it only starts at 4oz so seems like I waste a lot of milk!! 
  • Ahh yeah it is big! She looks like such a little dot in there bless her 🥰 she’s lovely.

    that is the one thing I don’t like about the prep machine! Although if he is going to start taking 4 now it’s fine, but we have wasted so much over the last 2 weeks
  • I so hope she weighs more today, her to be in the 6lbs now ideally. She’s feeding so well, just small. 
    how much does jack weigh? 

    Yeah i I feel the same about the waste! But the machine is amazing!!
  • He was born 8.1, but dropped to 7.1, then was weighed yesterday and he’s gone back up and is now 8.2.
    How often is Sofia being weighed? 
    How have you been feeling since she arrived? Have you been teary at all?? 
  • That’s fab he’s gained it all back. 

    I have to get her weighed weekly at the moment with the with the health visitor. I’ve honestly found it ok, easier than I thought so far. The love I feel is indescribable 🥰. 
    i was so tearful the first few weeks but that’s passing now. 
  • Well girls in last night to birth unit with contractions every 3.5mins lasting a min and its latent stages so back home waiting for it to progress 😬 cant believe baby no4 and this is the 1st one to mess around dilating. Hoping he gets on with it soon now. 

    Glad babies are doing well feeding, I have always found 1st 3m are the most challenging finding out what suits each one but after then it gets much easier x
  • Glad everyone is doing well 🥰 hope baby arrives soon mich!
    Lottie is doing amazing 💕 8 days old now. Was born weight 6lb 12, had her first midwife appointment at 5 days and she’d increased to 6lb 15. Midwife said it’s very rare for them to put on weight in the first week so I was over the moon and felt a bit like super woman 😂💪🏻.. aka super milk maker 🙈 
    breast feeding is going really well. I was in no rush to start pumping but my boobs were so uncomfortable yesterday that I ended up pumping two 40ml bags for the freezer ready for when we want to introduce a bottle. 
    I love it all so much I’m not ready for anything to change 🙈 but you’ve got to think into the future unfortunately and I know I’ve got a hen do in March 😖🙁 so need to have her on bottles by then.
    I’ve ordered some minbie bottles which are meant to be good for avoiding bottle/boob confusion. So easy to keep up breastfeeding while giving her a bottle a day. Makes me really sad thinking about it.. don’t know how it works exactly. I don’t want to give up breastfeeding if myself and Lottie are happy and doing well just for a hen do.. but I’m chief bridesmaid and I don’t know if giving her bottles for a full weekend while I’m away will mean she won’t come back to breast. Or whether it will all be fine. Ages away yet but need to figure it out. She’s also not invited to the wedding which is 3 hours away from home and myself and my husband are both part of the wedding party. So that’s another hurdle we’ll have to cross. 
    Sorry! Getting way into the future 😂🙈 I’m a stress head, can you tell? 
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