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Straining/gassy baby

Am looking for some helpful advice from mums themselves. 
My baby is 6 weeks old and is suffering terribly with wind and straining almost 60% of the day and throughout the night, even waking her up. 
I have tried infacol, gripe water, colief and the doctors have now prescribed gavuson as they said it may be silent reflux, however it’s day 4 using the gaviscon and still no results. 
The doctors don’t seemed too concerned as she is putting on weight but she is so uncomfortable. 


  • Hi Mum,

    I can understand your situation & the concern. Even I had been there couple of months back. My 3 months old baby girl was facing the same problem and she used to cry continuously because of the stomach pain. We tried everything and nothing was working. One of my relative suggested me "Woodwards Gripe Water" as it is one of the oldest baby care product & used by generations now to solve gas & colic problems in babies. I instantly started using it & now I am so happy to say that my baby is not having any such problems. She is more playful then ever! I would suggest you to try "Woodwards Gripe Water
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