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October 2019 Babies


This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in October 2019 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in October 2019 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around October 2019, do please feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Tagging the new mums so far! @Michelleb37 @Ellie34 @Curiosity101
  • I can’t believe it’s September and there are 3 babies here already! 

    Can you guys that have had your babies give us your full birth stories? The longer the better. I do love a good birth story. It really gets me in the mood for mine. 😊

    @Curiosity101 @Ellie34 @Michelleb37
  • Tagging our other new mums, @Lucia26 @MrsW92 @Lmc19xx

  • Me and princess just managed out first outing the 2 of us, 4 days postpartum. It was lovely! And she’s such an angel. Just off to make her official 🥰
  • @Curiosity101 I managed to get some so will start it tonight really hoping it will help her as it’s breaking my heart seeing her in so much pain after each feed ! Yeah I remember @Loubeelou saying how good it was so 🤞 for us. Harvey is adorable he’s coming on great xx
    @Ellie34 Lowen is beautiful I’m loving all these newborn shoots xx
    @MissW1997 Lexie is beautiful & you look so well, it’s great being out & about isn’t it I had to get out after 2nd day I hate being stuck in, glad your recovering well xx
  • Thank you everyone! Xx 
    @MissW1997 gorge pics! It’s so nice to get out the house isn’t it! I love walking with the pram, I’m going to walk to town tomorrow and open up a bank account for her 💖 been given some money so want to start saving for her straight away xx 
  • @Lmc19xx thank you very much!
    @Ellie34 thank you! Yeah really good idea! We have a busy week ahead... midwife visit tomorrow to remove my stitch and do Lexie’s heel prick. Mum and dads oven blew up yesterday so I’m walking Lexie to mine and cooking dinner and we will re-heat at dinner time. 
    Wednesday is photo shoot day! So walking into town for that And opening Lexie’s bank account too as I also have some money for her!
    Thursday we’re seeing my friend aleesha and her 5 month old Nala. 
    And then Friday we’re meeting mum in town for lunch and going pottery paining to have Lexie’s hands and feet printed on a keepsake! 
    I LOVE being a mummy 🙈 xxx
  • So lovely to hear such beautiful updates from you all. Sorry to have been quiet ... the exhaustion is real. I just can’t seem to get her to sleep not in our arms. I’ve tried all the tricks in the book, but inevitably we put her down and 2 mins later she’ll wake up and scream until we get her. But if we’d let her sleep in our arms she’d quite happily do that for 4 hours at a time. Husband is back at work too so I’m conscious of not getting him up during the night too much, so I’m literally laying awake all night so that husband can sleep and baby can sleep. But I’m just feeling at breaking point now, 2 and a bit weeks of hardly one hour a night of sleep, I’m running on nothing. Any one got any tips to help her sleep in her crib? 
  • hi all 
    sorry not posted much but doing most of the baby care while other half sleeps or does housework and currently got a flu from my older daughter 

    got what I think is my first period after baby but it is light compared to what im used to and having some cramps but haven't bled since week 2 1/2-3 

    Madison is doing well and now gaining weight after having the heartbreak of having to stop breastfeeding as couldn't get my supply up so have to formula feed 
    she is 5 weeks old now 

    hope everyone else is doing ok and all our babies too
  • @Louloubee oh my I really do feel for you. 6 days in labour and 2 restless nights killed me so I can’t even begin to imagine how drained you must feel with a newborn and no sleep let alone a toddler too. You strong lady 💪🏻

    I know my tips will not be as good to you or listened too as I am only on night 5 of my first baby. But these are a few things I do for Lexie... and if I didn’t do them she’d scream the house down all night as experienced Friday night! I tried to get her to sleep in a travel cot straight away as I’m at mums and didn’t want to bring my whole house over. 

    (Apologies for the long garbled message/advice)
    I keep her awake from 7-10. So she feeds at 7. Then I wind her. Then she’ll have a walk out in the pram. A bath. Little things to keep her awake. I then feed her again at 9:45. It’s a little soon between her feeds, and she doesn’t always take as much but I believe it does the world of good! 
    So she hated the travel cot as it was so big! I know you have a sleepyhead deluxe so I got the cheaper version (Purflo). As the third night I put her in my chicco hug me 4 in 1 from home and it worked a treat! 
    So she has her feed at 9:45. And then sleeps through till 1-2 ish. (She HAS to be swaddled or will not go down!) and then I put another blanket over her. I also try not to cuddle and cuddle her. I don’t like it 😩 but I want her to get used to falling asleep not in my arms. So I tend to get her up, give her a bottle. Check her bum. Cuddle her for 10 mins. Then lay her down on my bed (while I’m sat up) swaddle her and let her fall asleep and put her back in her cot. (This usually takes half hour - 40 mins start to finish) 
    She’ll then sleep 1:30-5 ish. I then repeat. 
    The. Again 5:30/6 till I wake her at half 8 ish. 
    I noticed that She likes to have some sort of light but I can’t sleep with a light on and I came across the ‘pabobo’ in mother care it’s just a little portable, chargeable glow lamp. Expensive but night 2 with it and I love it. It’s light enough for me to see everything I am doing but dim enough for me to sleep! 

    Lexie is so content though I am very very lucky. She just doesn’t cry! Mum and dad come in every morning to check us as they just can’t believe I manage a whole night with no tears (she usually screams the house down anytime she’s naked. So being changed is sometimes hard). 

    So I have just done my 1am feed, burp and cuddle. Now she’s dozing off on a pillow in front of me. (she slept 10-1). 

    I really do hope you manage to find some sort of trick and routine with Aurelia. Little monkey not letting mummy get any sleep! You must be just so so exhausted. How was Ezra as a newborn? And what do you do with Aurelia in the day time? Like do you have to constantly hold her or will she let you put her down then? Xx
  • @Louloubee You poor thing, I really feel for you. 

    Not a lot of advice I can offer cause I'm guessing you already tried all the obvious stuff. It really depends why she's not happy going down? There's normally a reason, have you got any thoughts why you think she might not be settling?

    Swaddling can help if she needs the comfort of your arms. Likewise the extra blanket on top that @MissW1997 mentioned.

    Could the room be too cold for her? I've found Harvey hates the cold and needed lots of extra blankets when our room dropped to 21C so I keep it warmer now. They suggest 21C should be nice and warm for them but he likes it warmer 🤷

    A pacifier might help if she's not entirely full after a feed... Likewise a bottle feed could help to give her that full tummy/milk coma that tends to make them really sleepy. 

    I really hope you find something that works for you soon. What you're dealing with is definitely akin to torture.
  • Just done my 5 am feed, this little girlie is getting pretty good with her timings! Although I had a lovely huge poo! And as soon as I wiped her bum clean she weed all over me and herself 🤦🏻‍♀️ So had to get her vest and baby grow. She’s now a wide awake girl. Doesn’t want anymore bottle. So here commences the settling! 🤔 plus my milk came in last night and my god my boobs hurt 😩 
  • @Louloubee I second what @Curiosity101 said too! Not sure how you feel about formula? Maybe just the night feeds in formula and the day in breast milk? How often are you feeding at night? 
    I also use dummies. I know people have mixed emotions on them, and my mum was one who said to me not to use them. But she’s now changed her mind. A dummy really calms my little one... during nappy changes or waiting for her bottle and to settle down to sleep! I know it can be hard to take dummies off kids but when the times right the ‘dummy fairy’ will make an appearance 😊
  • Ladies... how much weight did your babies loose/gain in the 5 days? X
  • @MissW1997 Harvey went from 2100g (4lb 10oz) at birth to 1930g (4lb 4oz) and then steadily gained 20g per day whilst in hospital. Once we got home he was gaining roughly 39g per day and at his latest weigh in is averaging 52g per day. I'm hoping it's going to taper off a little now though otherwise he's going to be humongous. 
  • Paisliè has never lost weight. She went from 6.10 at birth to 6.14 within 2 weeks, health visitor is just away & she’s now up to 8.3 😂 she’s getting a wee chink can really see her filling out. Tianna my oldest lost weight at 1st she lost 5lb so I had expected Paisliè to lose something but as health visitor said they are all different xx
    We had a much better night 😊 got the Ranitidine she’s to take it twice a day so only started it last night time we got it, don’t know if it’s thanks to that or just coincidence but she went back to sleeping from 8-1 then till 5 then 8.30 which she had always done before the acid reflux so 🤞 we have a turning point. @Loubeelou sorry to hear your having a hard time, Paisliè still prefers to be held at her 1am feed I struggle to get her back into crib so I kind of know how your feeling & my oldest was terrible sleeper it’s hard going, I don’t have any advice as it sounds like your doing ever I’d suggest hopefully she will sleep better soon, little divas we have who love a cuddle lol xx
  • oh wow you guys are so lovely and supportive!! Thank you so much. I’m going to try all you’ve said. She wakes up because she has wind I think, well she makes all the windy noises, but I wind her for a good 20 mins before putting her down. Maybe I just need to swaddle her? I’m going to try that, and a blanket at the bottom of the crib. I just put her down in the sleepyhead on the floor and she’s stayed there!! During the day someone is ALWAYS holding her, so I think you’re right that she’s getting spoiled on all them cuddles. (I know you can’t spoil a newborn but you know what I mean!) I think she’s breastfeeding every 1.5 - 2 hours still to be honest. And each time feeding for about half hour. Every night she’s having one bottle (sometimes 2 when I’m crying my eyes out saying I can’t do this any more haha!) and she has about 100-120ml each feed. 

    She lost 6% I think. So from 7.11 to 7.3. But when I got her weighed at 2 weeks she hadn’t regained her birth weight, so I’m hoping today with the midwife she’s regained it! How much did Lexie lose? 
  • I’m just a little worried (even though I was told not too) she’s lost 11.6%. So 7lbs 10oz to 6lbs 11oz. She’s feeding well though 😩 So now trying to up her oz each feed and wake her for more regular feeds in the day. She’s Got to be checked for jaundice at 3:20. No yellowing to the skin and the midwife says she’s certain she doesn’t have it but because of the weight loss they want to check! She’s fed a lot more this morning as I’ve been waking her. So they’re coming back in 2 days to see if my Perseverance has paid off! 
  • @Louloubee oh no I can't imagine how you're feeling. The only things I can suggest is maybe a dummy? Or even the Ewan the dream sheep. Both of those have been a god send for us to help settle him. I really hope she starts to sleep better soon! You can do this 💪

    @MissW1997 don't worry too much about the weight loss. I think they like to freak you out to be honest haha. As long as she's weeing and pooing as normal then she will be okay. They did suggest to us we extend the feeds to 4 hours and when we tried it he put all his weight back on and more! We're also now on 6oz! He's so greedy lol. But we're managing to push his night feed a 5 hour gap as recommended by the health visitor in order to get him into a routine of feeding is for eating not comfort? So we've gone with it and it's now been a week and it seems to be working really well. I was worried at first it's making him go too long but i was reassured if hes hungry inbetween we will deffinatley know and to feed him but im hoping were onto something good. 
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