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Severe crying one day & fine the next. Constant pattern.


My 5 week old daughter seems to be extremely unsettled one day and the next she can sleep most of the day.

One day she screams when she is being fed, seems extremely hungry then splutters, coughs, gasps for air.
On days like these she does not settle and cries pretty much all evening.

Originally I thought she had colic and bought infacol & colief.
Nothing changed much and then she started having clear liquid come out of her mouth mixed with a bit of milk.

The doctor said she might have reflux and prescribed gaviscon but I didn’t give it to her straight away as I hear it causes severe constipation.

The strange thing is one day she can sleep all day and the next she can cry all day. Is she just exhausting herself and she is actually in pain?

The main thing is that I don’t want her to be in and discomfort and it’s so hard to watch and to try and sooth her when she is crying all the time. 

Has anyone gone through anything similar?

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