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Guy with no kids needs help

I have been invited to a friend's baby shower and it's her first child. The bad news is I don't have kids, or know anyone with kids I can ask this question to, so I have came here. Basically I have found the perfect gift, it's a one piece outfit that I know she will like, the bad news is I have no idea what size clothing a newborn baby wears. My concern is that I buy something way too small designed for a premature baby but if I buy something too big then it could be years before her baby can wear it. So what size clothes does a newborn baby wear, and is there such thing as normal size when it comes to babies?


  • I'll use this multi pack of clothing as an example -

    You can see that it comes in lots of sizes.

    Premature babies normally have 'Tiny baby' size.

    Newborns often fit into 'New baby' or '7.5lb' size.

    However I'd recommend buying something that is either 'up to 1 month' or '0-3 months'. Most baby clothes come in sizes based on age or weight. Some babies are quite big so in my opinion you're better going for 'up to 1 month' or '0-3 months'.

    One thing you can guarantee is that a baby will grow :smiley: but it would be a shame for you to buy 'New baby' or 'Newborn' and the baby come out too big to wear it. 
  • Thanks, I ended up buying the 0-3 month size outfit I hope she likes it. 
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