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Reducing milk and hoping for better sleep for my 1 year old

edited Nov 19, 2019 9:26AM in Baby
My son is 1 years old and hes on food 3 meals a day and snacks... How many bottles and oz's does everyones 1 year olds have also? Frankie has 9oz bottle at 7pm, 9oz bottle at 10-11pm, 9oz bottle at 2-3am and wakes up for the day anytime from 3-6am. 
Does anyone know how to possibly cut down his milk intake on a night? I think the reccomened amount for them to have is 12oz and he is currently having 27oz. He is classed as obese along with other medical problems, without the milk he just doesnt sleep or settle but am desperately trying to bring down his weight and i think its the milk what is the problem :( 
Any tips on how to even get him to sleep better would be amazing as he always has disturbed sleep.

Thank you 


  • Hmmm, this is a tough one. Firstly have you talked to a health visitor about this? That is a lot of milk, so i would basically start cutting back - do not give 9oz, but slowly reduce it by an oz every time you make a bottle over the course of a week, so today, only give 8oz of milk. 

    I would also look into sleep training - there are lots of different ways of doing this, but you'd have to pick which one suits you - ie pick up put down or controlled crying (which some people hate!). 

    You mention your son has other health issues, so just make sure whatever you're doing donesn't interfere with that. 

    But i would tackle this one step at a time - slowly reduce the milk, and then approach the sleeping. 
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