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Getting through the horrid afterbirth cramps?

Hi, I'm currently 3 days post partum and I'm really struggling with the afterbirth cramps. Without those, I don't feel like I gave birth to an 8lb 13 baby on Monday! Even the stitches aren't hurting as much. 

Wondered if anyone had any advice other than the usual "ibuprofen/paracetamol" the midwives are advising. There are only so many hours I can cuddle a hot water bottle for lol


  • Hey @Sigsauer can you help with this? 
  • Are you breastfeeding?
    How heavy is your bleeding? 
  • @Sigsauer

    Not too heavy, it slowed down quite quickly and is start stop. We went for the 5 day check today and nipped into Tesco for a few things. I came back and they were so strong I was almost in tears 😩
  • Have your midwife discharged you?
    Call your local MAU and describe them your symptoms, I think your uterus might be shrinking very quickly. Day 5 bleeding still should be fairly strong, not as first day but more than regular periods.
    Is it your first baby? 
  • They checked day 3 and said all was fine. We went for day 5 check today and I mentioned it, she didn't seem too bothered 😩 we are due for discharge until 10th. Its eased off after a warm bath just now, but I'll give them a call if it starts up again. Second, I don't remember it being this bad the first time, but I had an assisted delivery with forceps with my daughter. I did all the work this time, midwife said today it can be worse (but easier) since more muscles are used when you push them out. 
  • 2nd and each next delivery will be followed by bad cramps (so will first periods after delivery).
    As your uterus still shrinking and midwife is not conserned (I believe she touched your tummy to make sure everything there is good), I would just take her words and tried to easy up pain (bath, hot water bottle, paracetamol)and keep eye on bleeding. If bleeding will stop completely or will become stronger call MAU straight away
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