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Cows Milk protein allergy, anyone on Alfamino?

My little boy is 10 weeks old with a CMPA. We were previously on Nutramigen but he was still reacting - sickness, reflux and extremely digested. We switched to Alfamino yesterday afternoon and tonight he's been screaming for hours, writhing and clenching his fists. Is that normal? 


  • Sounds like my daughter, we are on Neocate and really struggling with keeping feeds down even with thickener and meds. Have things improved now? 
  • Hi @Tara1412, he's settled on the Alfamino but still very refluxy. He's 17 weeks now and we started a milk challenge on our dietitians advice the other day so we could confirm CMPA before we try weaning. It was awful. He had 2 feeds with 1oz normal formula in each and was covered in a rash, screaming, thrashing about and 2 days of awful nappies. We were given gaviscon for his reflux but it didn't do much and caused constipation. Now waiting on a call back to see if he can try something else although it has improved on its own slightly the last 2 weeks (worse in the last few days since the challenge though!)

    What thickener do you use? We seem to react to carobel too so couldn't use it 😔
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