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Coronavirus anxiety around baby catching it

Apple2018Apple2018 Regular
edited Mar 17, 2020 9:09AM in Baby
So yeah...getting paranoid about my little one and the coronavirus. Came back from Sainsburys and my baby was crying so i picked her up to comfort her without washing my hands 🙈🙈 So worried now and it doesn't help that I have anxiety and with all this it just makes my anxiety worse! I know it sounds silly but i have non stopped worried about her getting this.
My daughter is a premature baby. 


  • Of course you are paranoid, and that's ok, because i think somewhat we all are. But, i guess the only thing we can do is try and be logical in these weird, weird times. The young are proving strong, and there is no reason to believe you have it - just try and stay indoors and hold tight. x
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