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This is a new thread for the lovely people from our Due in March 2020 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby, or they're expecting them any time now – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in March 2020 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around March 2020, do please feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Who is still awaiting arrival of their little one? 
  • Morning ladies. Hope you are all well. I haven’t been on much lately but with everyone being in lock down and two other kiddies to home school I’m truly exhausted these days. 

    Matilda is doing very well, she’s growing way way to fast and is close to going into 0-3 clothes which is strange for us considering we are all very small and my other daughter wasn’t into bigger clothes till she was 4 months old as she was always so tiny.  Kids are besotted with her and are desperate for her to ply with them all the time. She’s spending slightly longer periods awake now but still sleeps most of the day between breastfeeding. I feel just about back to my normal self and going to get all my old clothes back out of storage as I’m sure I’ll fit into it all now, although not much point even getting dressed these days🤔. Can’t believe she is 3 weeks old today. 

    How is everyone else doing? Shall we have a photo update. Here is Matilda with her big brother and sister yesterday and with her fur brother this morning  x 

  • My little boy is 4 weeks and 4 days old today. He's also in 0-3 month clothes as is long and has big feet. 
  • My little man is 5 days old and he can be in some 0 to 3 but most of my clothes have already been used so are a bit smaller than brand new ones. The 5 day check went well he only lost 20grams so nothing at all. She said he has a bit of jaundice but nothing to worry about as it 15 lines bellow the line she just said to make sure he feds every 3 hours. 

  • This was Ethan at 4 weeks old last week. He will be 5 weeks on Tues! I love him so much. I'm getting to be quite sad the longer this lockdown continues knowing what my family are missing out on 🙁 Time really does fly! X
  • Yeah I know how u feel its my dads birthday and he still hasn't seen him and even when lock down is over I suspect he will still won't want to see us for another 2 weeks as he's been doing shift on the ambulances 
  • Can’t believe my little man is 2 weeks old today
  • Aw they are all so lovely! It's a horrible time not to be able to be around family. 

    I'm still waiting on my little one. She is 11 days over due. I had an induction with the pessary rods yesterday and again today. Tomorrow they will either break my waters or start me on the hormone drip. My back is quite sore and tummy is a little crampy so fingers crossed we are on our way. We can't wait to bring her home. It's very strange doing most of it by myself with not a lot of info about when my husband can join me. 
  • @kayleighA I'll keep my fingers crossed she turns up really soon. 
  • Oh @KayleighA bless you. Not long now. I hope your husband gets to be with you. Fingers crossed tonight is the night x
  • Thanks girls. I can't believe how quickly the babies are growing! 
  • Fingers crossed for you that she comes soon @KayleighA 😊. 

    Little man was all smiles today (3 weeks tomorrow) 😊

  • Awww @Suziqn that's so cute. I take so many pictures of Rex haha its unreal. Little man is just over 2 weeks. Perfect routine at night. Feed at half 9 then 1 and 4. Awake and on and off of the boob in 15 minutes. Long may this last 🤣 I've had more sleepless nights with my toddler since the clocks changed.  Photo update....
  • Aww lovely @NicolaCU he’s a cutie! Sounds a bit like Logan, he usually does 12, 3, 6/7 but let me have 5 hours last night! He gets boob then back to sleep again, fingers also crossed that he stays good! 
  • Why is it that little baby boys look like little old men especially when they frown? My little man has me in stitches when with one glance he changes from baby boy to old man. 
  • Haha @MrsS35 I love the milk come face. It makes me laugh everytime.x
  • My little man has my not amused facial expression. So my husband will get it from 2 places now. I'm used to giving it so it's weird being on the receiving end. 
  • @KayleighA is bubba here yet?
  • @NicolaCU not yet. I had diapan rods on Sunday, again on Monday. Admitted to antenatal ward yesterday and had them removed and a sweep. No contractions as yet though i have had back labour. Ouch! 

    They want me to go to labour ward to break my waters but they are super busy and I'm not a priority as im not in active labour. Fingers crossed i go today. 
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