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Greeny/Brown and what looks to be fleshy poo

Hi all not sure if I'm welcome here as it is a mums webpage, and I am a father, but are the primary carer of both my sons, I'm there mummy so to speak, so anyways Um I've went to the bathroom tonight to have a number 1 and whilst doing so I noticed something in the toilet bowl that looked rather strange after about more of an examination, (after I fished it out) I couldn't and can't help feeling worried, my 3 year old sons poo was a greenish brown colour and in my description and my opinion, what looked to either be fleshy looking stuff with a real slippery mucus around it and it smelt worse then anything I have ever smelled before, I'm always taking my kids to either hospital or my local GP but always that I'm just paranoid or I'm thinking to far into it, (I THINK I SHOULD MENTION I  AM A SUFFERER of mental illness) assist me or give me someideaon what I'm dealing with and if I should've rushing him of to the hospital cheers


  • Hi, what had he eaten that day? And has he had regular bowl movements ? How is he in himself other than this poo. 
  • He seems fine he's his bubbly self and he ate nutri grain well sone of it, he had shapes some leb bread some pasta some fruit,a stir fry   fry a carbonara pasta some lollies and he's got a habit of picking things up and eating them of the ground, but last night I found him with a big bit of bluetack and it was wet like itjust came out of his mouth, I honestly think he was eating that aswell,, his apetitehasbeen different for a couple days now he usually packs in the food but the past couple of days he hasn't been eating not even half as much as he usually does, I assumed he was a little unwell but he was likei said his bubbly self runni g around playing with his brother and playing thexbox it wasn't until I seen his poo tonightdidi really start to worry
  • Hmm it could be the blue tack if hes ingested any...I would keep an eye on it and if it happens again and he starts to dip then take him in to see the doctor. Of hes not complaining about any tummy pain then h should be ok but you know him inside out. I wouldn't worry to much either about always being at the docs I'm the same with my 2 you just cant be too careful can you! For what it's worth your doing a fab job! Well.done you :) 
  • Thank you that makes me feel a great deal better, I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and yeah I've been keeping a close eye on him he's apetite has went back to usual and he hasn't had another passing like the one detailed but once again thank you,
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