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Help! Baby with severe reflux

Has anyone’s baby had severe reflux. I am at my wits end. My nine weekend old throws up her entire feed after every bottle. I only give her 10ml at a time I wind her endlessly, but it still happens, she take between 30-60ml each feed. She’s been to hospital for dehydration, she’s constantly losing weight she’s only tiny as it is!! I can’t bare it anymore. My two year is being neglected due to constant feeding winding changing my 9 week old. She also has a diary allergy fussy since birth wouldn’t breast feed, lost weight etc. On Neocate with thickener and now have nexium but still not helping! I just want to know if anyone has been through this and if so, what did they do? Please I’m at breaking point due to the lack of support, due to the current situation. 


  • Hey. I feel for you. It’s an awful situation to be in especially at the moment. My little boy was similar although not quite as severe. The GP ended up prescribing omeprazole which he took every day for a year. Could you ask the GP to prescribe over the phone maybe? I also weaned him early on the advice of the health visitor and the move to solid food (baby rice, thinned puréed vegetables) combined with thickened milk and the omeprazole seemed to sort it out. I know it feels never ending and your unendingly worried about her but it will pass. You could maybe try freezing milk and putting it in one of those little food nets? They’re designed for older children of course but it might help her get some milk and the cold could soothe her sore throat. Good luck x
  • @Tara1412 just a thought but have they tried you on Alfamino or another milk than Neocate? I might be wrong but i thought Neocate contained coconut oil which could make things worse if there's a sensitivity? Apparently other allergies can be common in babies. There's a CMPA support group online too if you need help the ladies are quite knowledgable. I don't think guidelines will let me link it though. 

    Your story sounds very similar to ours in terms of bf, weight loss etc. If she reacted through your milk I'd say she may be very sensitive. 
  • Hiya my now 8 year old was diagnosed with reflux, he vomited constantly, nothing helped (neocate, Omeprazole etc.) it got so bad that he associated deeds with vomiting and developed food aversion, he had to have numerous NG tubes and eventually a peg tube to get him nourishment (he weighed 18lbs at 2 years old he was that bad) Eventually when he was 3 and a half we had an amazing doctor l during one of his month long hospital stays - he ordered an MRI scan which diagnosed him with Chiari Malformation. It was absolutely terrifying at the time and he needed surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain but I can honestly say that day saved his life. I now have a very healthy 8 year old! I don’t say any of this to scare you, I’ve known many others where it is caused by reflux, but if you feel in your heart there is something else to it push the doctors for scans and tests for things like cystic fibrosis. I am thinking of you and hope you get answers and that your little one improves soon xxxxx
  • Firstly thank you all @Geriatricmum @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 @Ninjabunni for your replies, it’s good to know im not alone in this. I have asked for retadine and omprazole both of them of which have now been recalled,so not sure when your babies were tiny?  there’s nothing really out there anymore. 
    @Geriatricmum thank you for this, I honestly feel there is more than just reflux, and I said cystic fibrosis to begin with but now think it’s more a surgical I’ll push the doctors tomorrow, it’s just hard as I’m not a priority due to the pandemic. 

    Thanks again ladies 
  • You are definitely not alone in this. It’s so awful when they aren’t well and so draining on you. You say it isn’t a priority but with a baby of 9 weeks who won’t feed and is getting dehydrated I’d argue that is a priority. If you can’t get anywhere with your GP, try contacting your health visitor, they might be able to lean on the doctors to see you. If that fails and you are very concerned, head to the hospital (taking sensible social distancing precautions of course)  Not feeding and dehydration is a serious issue for little ones. Sending hugs x
  • I agree with @Ninjabunni but would also caution about health visitors... when Henry was really sick they told me to feed him more 🤬🤬 like I wasn’t trying!!! 
    Try not to worry , we are here if you need to vent, we’ve been there and although horrific you WILL get through this. Huge hugs. Ps I don’t know what area you are but with Hen he was constantly at the Royal Berks Hosp , and it was a paediatrician that finally solved the puzzle... after about 6 other paeds dismissed it as either reflux or him just being difficult xx
  • Awh that’s not a good experience with your HV. Mine have been great with both boys which is why I recommended it as a possible avenue of support but @Geriatricmum is right. If you don’t have a good relationship with them or you aren’t happy with their advice then straight to hospital. The thankfully rare occasions I’ve had to take my boys to A and E, the acute medicine team have been far more willing to listen to my gut instinct and to investigate fully any issues. Xx
  • completely agree @Ninjabunni, health visitors are the same as anything or anyone... great or awful! Fingers crossed yours is a good one @Tara1412
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