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Hi! Is this a tooth coming in?

hi! First time mommy here. I have a five month baby boy who has all the classic signs of teething. Lots of drooling, chewing on hands and anything he can get his mouth on, irritability, and sometimes problems napping. He has been doing this for a over a month and he seems to focus on one side. When I looked I saw a white spot that I suspected was a tooth maybe coming in. Over time it’s gotten bigger and it’s white and sharp. Just want to verify that this is a tooth? Odd part is this is where a canine tooth would be? Thank you 


  • Yes this is definitely tooth! This is why he is chewing things u need to get him teething toy it will help with pain or apply cotton ball soaked in camomile tea 
  • almarie09almarie09 Regular
    edited Apr 10, 2020 7:26PM
    @Ayana thank you so much for your response. Is it common for a canine tooth to be his first tooth coming? We have teething toys but he gets frustrated that they won’t reach where he needs them too. So he prefers his hand with a sock on it or stuffed animals. I wish he liked his others tho, he has so many with the ridges but he just gets mad at them and cries. I even got him the hand mitten teether that’s specifically for teething but it’s to big for where he wants it at. I’ll try the tea thing. How many times do I apply it? Is it for swelling or pain? Thank you!! 
  • Yes its absolutely normally It's for swelling and it will also help with pain. There are other ways to help him with pain like buying teething gel I have used  FrezyDerm it helps babies with pain by freezing it a bit and contains natural ingredients. 
  • If you have any concerns you can always visit your local dentist but during this pandemic it might be difficult !!! Hope he gets better soon and uses teething ring instead haha
  • @Ayana thank you this is all super helpful. And yeah with this virus going on, we can’t take him to his doctor unless it’s a absolute emergency so I’m glad to verify here what is going on. We we’re pretty sure about it being a tooth but wasn’t 100% since he’s our first child. We sent pictures to his grandmothers and both thought it was but said it being a canine tooth was odd so we started double guessing ourselves. My biggest fear was thrush or something but from a google search of pictures it does not look like that. Thanks again very helpful 
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