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November 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • Pedo tumble, yeah I can't stand him either 😩 problem is he's everywhere on cbeebies, not easy to avoid lol I hate bing. He's such a naughty little shit, "it's a bing thing"...not in this house it wouldn't be! 

    @Witmore26 wondering how last night went without the dream feed?

    I had a really bad night, took ages to drop off, Evan went straight down on 5oz until 6ish and went back off with his dummy until the rest of the house was woken by Harper shouting she needs a wee. Toilet training just kind of sorted itself here. Nursery did a lot of the hard work to instill it into her head that she needed to keep going, but we started about 17-18 months putting her on the toilet before and after her bath and just going bat shit crazy with praise if she happened to do one 😂

    I've been out with them both again in the double pushchair. More for me than for them, just be in my own thoughts while they're asleep. Love this pushchair, just wish it wasn't so heavy, the collective 30kg of children probably doesn't help 🥵 just wish it was getting the use of "going out for the day" like I had bought it for though. Thankfully it was only £40 and not brand new! I thought Evan was asleep a lot of the way but he wasn't when I checked, just looking at everything 

  • Thanks @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I will try and get some of that, 
    evah likes raa raa the noisy lion and teletubbies she has a little lion teddy an gets so excited when she sees it, she is finally starting to chuckle more now it’s so cute. My partner works for the council (there only doing emergency jobs) and his manager has said they are going to be like it til at least June/July as much as I feel like commiting murder 😂 I’m glad he’s home to see more of Evah grow 
  • @Bluehawaii90 is it the free Ella's weaning pack you ordered? Is it useful? I did a big order of pouches yesterday but I didn't ask for the weaning pack. Maybe I should have!

    For your milk question like most things it depends on the baby. I've had friends who had to physically stop giving the bottles. When I was weaning Evie she dropped down to 2 and a half bottles by about 8 months naturally so was taking about 20oz a day of formula by the time she was on 3 meals. By 10 months she only wanted a bedtime bottle but then some of her wee friends still have 2 bottles now at 19 months. Last night for the first time ever she launched a full bottle of milk back at my head and went to sleep, didn't even wake up looking for it!

    @Loz27 I agree if there's anything good from this it's that the daddies get to see them growing up, although Chris is home full time and tensions can fray a little!

    I think we can agree that 99% of kids TV is just the worst thing ever. Currently sitting upstairs as Jamie's napping and can see the park out of my window. There are EIGHTEEN people sitting having picnics or sunbathing, plus all the walkers, cyclists etc. It's not even a big park 😤
  • Oh lord - Mr Tumble! That man is on everything! And uses the same annoying voice!! 

    @Bluehawaii90 she didnt wake for a feed and woke at 7:10. So we’ll leave it out again and see. She just had 7oz, so will try her with 8oz before bed - she will hopefully have had 30oz then. 

    [email protected] it was just a weaning information pack - no food. Came with a free voucher for a pouch and a timeline of what foods to give when, etc. It was alright for free! 
  • So Hallie had a bottle about 3:30, then we went to one of our fave pubs as they were doing a drive through service on their amazing food! Anyway, on the way back Hallie vommed a good couple of oz of her milk back. I’m thinking it was jostling about in the car and perhaps heat? Anyway, do you think we should give her a dreamfeed to take account of what she has brought back? My Dad made a good point that if we are sick we dont eat extra to make up for it 🤔
  • I wouldn't dream feed, if she really needs it she'll ask for it. You're more likely to find she wants extra in the morning.

    I've been in the charity bags digging his old cotton swaddles back out. I didn't realise they were up to 9m so should do us until he's had enough. He's passed out instantly in it 🙄

    Sorry @Witmore26 I misread who had the weaning pack, not like me! 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 its ok, we all know how busy we all are, you guys with toddlers even more so! 

  • We have the ellas weaning pack and finding it really useful for ideas of what to feed her. It doesn’t give examples of finger food though, just purées but I guess that’s so they sell more! 

  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 new sofa with gorgeous model :smiley:

  • @LivyLouby I might order one then, although we got a pretty comprehensive pack from the hospital.  Love the new sofa, Immy is a fantastic little model and she looks super comfy 😍

    Pear for breakfast today and he's not a fan. We're following the 3 day per new food religiously - yesterday was his first day of pear and within 30 minutes we had an explosive nappy and a rash but assuming it's just his system adjusting? Anyone else had this?

    Took a comparison photo of my 2 this morning and can't believe how massive he suddenly looks beside his sister. I swear this time next year it'll look like I've got twins! 

    He's also been trying to strangle me with my feeding necklace all morning so I can't put him down! 
  • @livlouby happy new sofa! Gorgeous choice of model!!

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 they are both so long!!! Loving Jamie’s outfit!
  • I almost had that Peter rabbit outfit from Sainsbury's but went with one of the paddington ones instead. Before I'd even had Harper, I had ordered some Peter rabbit vinyl stickers for her room. She loves the stories too so we were keen to stick with Peter/flopsy for her and something like Paddington or pooh for Evan, but she likes Paddington too so we're just surrounded by books basically. Not always a bad thing! 

    Evan keeps going for my boob. Like wtf, he doesn't know what they are for!? He was nuzzling last night and I noticed he was actually licking my t-shirt. 🤔 Is that normal? I never even tried with him. 
  • @Witmore26 @Bluehawaii90 we have all the Peter Rabbit outfits, mainly hand me downs from our nephew but all like new, saving me a fortune as I love them too!

    I bought 2 Peter Rabbit libraries for their Xmas but we haven't opened ours as hate the thought of them getting damaged as they're the classic books, we use the board book versions instead. Love a book in this house.

    I think the boob thing is normal. Both of my 2 did it and only Jamie was ever breastfed past day 1! Even now Evie likes to touch a boob when she's napping. I've tried stopping it but ate just drifts back over when I'm not watching! 
  • We're attempting double nap time here, it's not going very well so far. I've got Evan fast out Infront of me in his bouncer, Harper on the sofa playing with a 20+ year old Barbie (one of mine I'm told) from my parents house when we last went. She's still wide awake 😩 we ended up with a complete meltdown at 6pm last night during dinner because she was too tired to eat, it's like 😵 f*cking sleep when I want you to sleep in the day then! 😖

    Meanwhile, I planted some pumpkin seeds 3 weeks ago, as an idea to keep Harper occupied and to see something grow. They're huge already! Means I've got to find somewhere to create a pumpkin patch 👍🙄

    I've also got some apple seeds germinating in the fridge in a bag and a bit of kitchen roll, they've started to grow too! 
  • @Bluehawaii90 that's fab. Im excited for mine to be big enough for planting stuff. We have strawberry plants but that's about it, the lettuce all died off in the frost :(

    Parcel just arrived for Jamie. Hope he likes it 😂

  • Also how did double nap go? 
  • Bluehawaii90Bluehawaii90 Regular
    edited Apr 24, 2020 1:18PM

  • Oh dear @Bluehawaii90 I hope they're cooperating tonight. Evies just woken up breaking her heart. I'm lying on her floor in the dark reciting Zachary Quack and I think she's gone back over. Concerning when you can read them a book without looking at it isn't it 😂. I can do Zachary Quack, Hairy McLary Shoo!, Goodnight Moon and Baby the Places You'll Go.

    The last 2 are my absolute favourites and if you're looking for a good bedtime story for a baby Goodnight Moon puts mine to sleep every time! Now when it's bedtime they being it automatically 😂
  • Iv just ordered the weaning pack wanted the veg bundle but it’s out of stock, how long do the pouches last after opening? 
  • @Loz27 48 hours in the fridge so one pouch has been lasting 3 days for us, if he doesn't polish it off on day 2. It's the smaller first taste pouches we've got just now but I'd imagine he will manage the bigger ones too. First tastes are on offer at 45p in Asda just now but ours was a very limited selection and I could only get the dairy free range of yoghurt and porridge on their site. I think most brands of food are the same storage times.

    @Bluehawaii90 I've just ordered Jamie this in the shortie version in pale blue 😍. Evie has several, handmade and wash like a dream so starting his collection with our pal  Peter 😍 (plus they were 20% off 😂) 

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