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November 2019 Babies - Part 2



  • Also ordered the new sweetcorn pouch and he's trying to fight me for the spoon 😂
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 we’re doing the first tastes pouches too, although they didn’t have any sweetcorn so I made my own and potato. Tonight I am making broccoli, cauliflower and green bean purées for the next 9 days. So far she’s had carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, sweetcorn, potato and peas. Parsnip is by far her favourite so far! I mix with baby rice and milk for the first 2 days of each new flavour so it’s a bit more subtle. It also helps the pouch last the full 3 days! 
    We are doing  veg first then going on to fruits in 10 days once she’s tried most veg, so I couldn’t tell you if the reaction Jamie had is normal! We haven’t had any reactions like that from veg, just gas 😂 so maybe it could be an allergy? I’ll let you know when we try our pear pouch! Not looking forward to the prune pouch though 😂 💩 
  • We occasionally get a slight rash around his temples, but it goes and doesn't appear to have any affect. 

    I can't believe Evan is getting through two big pouches a day and you ladies are talking about how many days it will last, boy loves his food what can I say 😬😂

    We've had a proper belly laugh from Evan just now. Well, Harper has! He adores her. She was only jumping up and down Infront of him, but he thought it was the best thing in the world. I hope they get on this well when they are 12 and 14. 
  • I seen the pouches online but They didn’t have any of the first taste ones at our Asda after trying all day to have a load delivered or click an collect I gave in, it just kept freezing!! Then my sister was going to her local Asda so I had her video call me when she was there, we managed to get sweet potato, carrots, prune, banana, pear, apple and mango. 
    Any advice on what to try first? And has any one else mixed with baby rice? 
    Evah has only had plain baby rice and banana porridge upto now I tried her with a casserole pouch and she didn’t like it was also sick a little while after, 
    maws @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 that’s so cute! Where’s it from 
  • @Loz27 our wee book says to start with root veg as they're most easily accepted. I sort of did and we had carrot, then sweet potato, then tried pear as apparently its easy on the reflux and today we started sweetcorn. You can really do any order you like but try heavy on the veg or they can become a bit mental for fruit and refuse veg.

    The wee outfit is from Teddy's Wardrobe on Facebook. I buy so much from her. It's a 4 week lead time but really reasonable price for handmade and she's so friendly!

    @Bluehawaii90 pretty sure Jamie would have the full pouch if he was offered, plus Evans been getting food longer! We had a horrible poo today right after the corn too but I actually think it might have been more down to being in the paddling pool and also how hot its been!

    @Witmore26 let me know how you get on with your purees! I found some veg a nightmare as they'd go almost gritty and I'd end up having to mix it with others to make it look OK! Evies fave was always homemade carrot apple and cauliflower when she was tiny - one of my 'crap cauliflower doesn't puree well' concoctions! She also loved the prune pouch but obviously we know what prunes do so I only really gave her a little bit with yoghurt for her pudding!

    My nappies came! They're still hanging on the line from their prewash and I can't be bothered moving to get them! 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 will do! 😂

    @Bluehawaii90 how did the naps work out the other day?

    how long are your babies napping for now? Hallie is still a catnapper and has 30 mins 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • @Witmore26 yesterday Jamie slept 20 minutes mid morning and then about 45 minutes in the afternoon but only because we took him a walk in the pram, then slept 8.30 til 8 at night. He's really not a big day sleeper at all, we need to work on that as his sister still has a 2 hour nap before lunch 😂

    First nappy and he's super cute 😍

  • @Witmore26 i mix with baby rice for 2 days then give pure to ease her into the flavour and add a bit more substance to make the pouch last longer. It’s worked well so far! @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 i didn’t end up having time to do the purées last night so doing them today. Any advice on how to get a smoother purée for broccoli, cauliflower or green beans? I only have a stick blender too 😫
  • @LivyLouby I've never done cauliflower or broccoli on their own tbh, I always combined them with sweet potato, normal potato, apple or carrot as they puree so well. I also used to cheat a lot and buy the mashed potato pellets from the freezers to mix with my purees and give them a nice consistency because who has time to boil and Mash 1 or 2 potatoes, if its not a full pot I'm lazy 😂
  • Loving all of this weaning chat. I can't remember what I did the last time, so I'm getting loads of tips here! I know I have an info pack on it, just need to dog it out. Casey still isn't showing any signs of being interested in food, so got a bit of time yet.

    Casey has slept from 8 to 5 two nights in a row. For us, that's unbelievable! But I've been sick last few days so whole he was sound asleep, I've been wide awake. I'm hoping that he keeps this up. Longest stretch he had before this was 8 till 2/3.

  • Hi ladies :-) We have just started weaning too. At the start did you give just a couple of spoonfuls? Do you keep their milk intake the same? Also if any of you are trying to track sleep/ feeds / nappies there is a really good app by Philips called Baby+. We were having cat naps but it’s getting better. After lunch she wakes after 45 mins, I leave her for 5 mins and she goes for another 45 mins. Otherwise it’s always 45 mins each time give or take. Night time she goes to bed between 6.45pm ish and 7.00pm ish and sleeps till between 6.00am  6.30am. We ditched her dummy which she loved but she was waking every 2 hours for me to put it back in! I moved her into her own room last week too, so far so good.I thought she might miss us but apparently not 😂. She’s got a lovely mattress in her cot, I’d be happy sleeping there too  Xxx
  • @MrsG101 yes keep milk intake the same. I give 2-3 heaped teaspoons worth or a teaspoon veg mixed with 1oz baby rice. I use the baby+ app to track feeds, sleep and nappies and it’s great. Give you a really clear visual to spot patterns. 

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 the purées turned out well on their own! I just added in some of the boiled cooking water to help with the consistency x I’m trying not to do mixed veg and fruit etc. Until she’s 6 months and just stick to pure flavours so I can identify any allergies and what she likes, dislikes etc. 

  • Day 1 was a success! Managed to get a Asda delivery for 10th May so ordered loads of different Ella’s kitchen some of the finger food too, when you ladies offer baby water what do you give it them in? Iv been using her usual bottle but she won’t seem to take any now, Iv ordered a transition cup to try! 
    Evah is getting better with her naps but I think only because we do a morning and afternoon walk which she sleeps for an hour each time, I find she settles better at night having a longer nap in the day.
    She goes down between 6-7 but will wake for milk at 9-9.30 then feed again between 1.30-2.30 then she will wake between 6.30-7 but won’t have a bottle til 8ish x
  • Hallie literally naps for 30 minutes. I do everything the sleep guru’s tell you to do - Hallie doesnt care what they say she sleeps for 30 minutes! I can set my watch by her!!! She doesnt even make one full sleep cycle 🤷🏻‍♀️ She can sleep through the night so I know she is able to transition between sleep cycles. 9/10 times she wakes happy and chatting away and when we walk in to the room to get her she gives the biggest smile so I can only think that’s all she needs to go again! 

    We’re starting again tomorrow with carrot! We had a bbq for lunch today and she was enthralled in Cars until I started eating my burger at which point she wouldnt take her eyes off me 😂 Hope she isnt too disappointed with her offering of carrot!

    @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 how are the nappies going? 
  • @JaneDC glad Casey is sleeping through for you. Even if you're awake being sick it's nice not to have to worry about him waking John crying on top of that!

    @MrsG101 I have 2 tbsp the first day or two and now I give 1/3 to 1/2 a pouch depending on how interested he seems! Sweetcorn seems to be a favourite so far but he's flared up a patch of eczema on one nipple since we started it yesterday. Unsure if it's the hot weather or the food but it looks like he has one huge red nipple where it is! For milk you might find they automatically start to drink less per feed or maybe drop a bottle as you introduce more meals :)

    @LivyLouby glad the purees work. We're similar in that we've been told to introduce single flavours to start before we start mixing. They said though once we do 3 days carrot and 3 days sweet potato with no reaction though we could give him a meal of those two mixed. Defo nothing else until 6 months then one of the known allergens at a time :)

    @Loz27 I've not offered him water yet because he's eating so little but will likely use baby cups when we do, because they're actual cups we started off just putting 5-10ml in at a time but had a bigger cup beside us to refill it. Evie still uses hers, they're a 4 pack from Amazon, I'll add a pic of her using hers but she's used it from 6 or 7 months. Ignore the mess she decided to wipe her hands on my wall. Toddlers don't give a damn. 

  • (They're good for tracking water intake too cause they have the mls marked on the side) 
  • Also @Witmore26 loving them so far. They're too cute and I might never put clothes on his wee bum again. We'll see how I get on laundering them tonight but I still have one clean for tomorrow so I can hang them out when I get up. I will say he did a poo and it concealed the smell so well I didn't realise until I unfastened him 😂

  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 yes, that’s what I thought about mixing. So I must admit that I did mix potato with carrot since she’d had both. If broccoli is not a hit on Wednesday, I may mix in a bit of sweetcorn with it since I have lots of that homemade!
    Was dreading starting cauliflower today for fear it would give her bad gas, but seems to be okay so far 🤞 
    last night we had a bit of a mare with Immy. She has now started rolling onto her front in her sleep, then it wakes her up because she can’t roll back properly yet (she rolled back for the first time today but then couldn’t do it again!). I’m also unsure about whether to leave her on her front if she doesn’t wake up? But last night she had her face down into the mattress 😱 luckily we have a camera that alerts us if she does, but it means we’re being woken all the time to turn her back over, then she rolls straight back over! 

  • Larat84Larat84 Regular
    edited Apr 26, 2020 11:13PM
    Hi ladies!

    leahs six months this week 😱 weaning is going well and we have teeth coming through to get those finger foods! She loves most things but absolutely hates swede. 
    anyone else see teeth yet? Leahs are just poking through. She’s growing so fast now 
  • @Larat84 Leah looks such a happy little girl. Its lovely to hear from you and hope you're doing well! I love seeing what their food likes and dislikes are! No teeth here, just the little stumps that have been right under the gum from about 3 weeks and aren't going anywhere fast!

    I can't remember who it was said wait until you try parsnip but you were right. We tried to take it away after his usual 1/3 and he melted down until I gave in and he's eaten the full thing 🙈
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