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November 2019 Babies - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the November 2019 Babies peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • New thread woo! 
  • 2nd on the new thread wooo!
  • So Jamie's just drained a pouch of sweet potato for his dinner. Despite saying I was starting him slow he was screaming and his wee mouth was going so I gave him a little more and now it's gone! It's our 3rd anniversary so we ordered Italian and I think he was feeling left out watching us all eat! 

    Did anyone end up using cloth nappies? Jamie's nappy rash has been horrendous during lockdown and we can't get a hold of his rascals nappies. The cheap ones make it look like he has chemical burns on his bum so I'm looking into cloth just now. Just looking for a 3rd opinion. A friend swears by them but hubby isn't keen on having to wash them x

  • Good boy Jamie. He's flying it with weaning.

    I've no experience with cloth nappies. I did actually buy some resuable nappies today for toilet training. Have them in the wash now, so they are ready for tomorrow. I'll let you know how they go, but theyre prob a lot different to ones that are to be used as regular nappies (or maybe not, I don't know).

    This will be my third attempt at potty training!! Tried over Xmas and about a month ago. He just ends up holding in his wee . . . .  Said i may as well try again while he's off creche.  He's def showing signs of being ready, but will see how tomorrow goes. Hoping these resuable nappies will save me from having to wash all of his trousers in one day.
  • Bluehawaii90Bluehawaii90 Regular
    edited Apr 22, 2020 7:00PM
    Nope, were on a mixture of size 3 Flo and Fred or little angels, depends on where I can be arsed to line up at 😩

    We went out for a walk today because I was so upset yesterday after spending the day getting annoyed at Harper. I took the Phil and Ted's but ended up keeping Evan upfront as she only started whining on the way back for me to pick her up so I just kept walking 😂 we picked some daisies and I made her a daisy chain bracelet which the dog promptly sat on and squashed. Evan was asleep the whole time so I'm not sure he even knew we had been out! 

    @JaneDC it's only just occurred to me that our kids are the same age basically. Harper will be 3 on the 16th and Evan was 5 months on Monday (25th but who counts days?) . It's so exhausting having a 3 year old. I hardly know I have Evan but the other one 😩 she opened the Stairgate and followed me today. I expected to see hubby come up behind her like normal but no, just her. I went crazy at hubby since I told him I was nipping up for washing. She's generally good and not running riot, but it's so hard to entertain her as well as make sure Evan is getting the right input too. I keep seeing these "wonder mums" on Facebook that are Baking, painting etc I'm like "some mornings I get breakfast " 😬

    My last paid mat day is 24th August, I'm going to try and save up 1-2 weeks worth so I can take unpaid (my dog hasn't been a dick so far) but I've got some leave to take, I think anyway, work have just changed the start of our holiday year from July to January. Don't ask why it's always been July, it just has. 

    Should I be as excited as I am that sewing bee starts tonight? 🤔
  • Good news! The pet insurance put 2 grand back in my account. Phew!

    @JaneDC I'm looking at the potty training pants too. Evies still only 18 months so nowhere near the right age but she does like to do a pee in the big toilet while I run her bath. I agree lockdown is probably an ideal time to tackle it for John, good luck with it! I'm sure he'll be trained in no time!

    I'm currently browsing the nice designs and debating if I just take the plunge and order the 5 nappy starter pack or do I buy one nappy - but surely 1 nappy wont really show a difference in his rash?

    @Bluehawaii90 I get the fear when I'm in the loo and suddenly there's a toddler banging the door. Like how did you get through the gate???? I've given up competing with wonder mums. I let her paint the other day, a bird feeder for my grans birthday. She mixed it all up, painted the slabs and my gran got a sludge coloured bird feeder 😂. Today when I was talking to a neighbour over the fence she appeared out naked with 1 water shoe on and jumped into her paddling pool (it was 13 degrees out so f*** that). I was like 'judge away, she's happy'. I'm sure I'm due back from paid leave the same day as you are! 
  • @Bluehawaii90 ya, not much between the 2 of them.

    She opened the Stair gate??? Thankfully John doesn't have a clue. I would have gone mental too. 

    They are all go. So much energy, non stop chat, and super bossy! But in saying that, it's a fun age. 

    Johns speech has really come on in the last few months, and he says very funny things. Well, I find them funny. In one day he asked me what was my big belly doing there, and told me it was full of chocolate. Told me I had a big nose. I had shorts on and then he told me to cover up my legs because he didn't like them. So ya, he does wonders for my confidence!!

  • I dont use cloth nappies, sorry. I use fred & flo in the day and rascals at night. 

    Last night Hallie only had 3oz in her dreamfeed so we have decided to drop it out tonight. I guess if she’s hungry she will wake me. Will 3oz make a huge difference to her or her weight do you think? I feel awful when she is zonked to disturb her for a small amount.  I’m worried she may lose weight and we wont realise as our scales at home arent very reliable! 
  • @Witmore26 if you're concerned could you try adding an extra 2oz to her bedtime bottle and 1oz to her morning bottle? 3oz shouldn't make too much difference and she will definitely tell you if shes hungry for it.

    Currently nappy shopping, he's going to go mad! 
  • It's consecutive bottles being missed that affects weight, @Witmore26 enjoy not having to wake her up 😉 one won't make a difference, I've found that they tend to make up for it the following day  

    She will either wake up just as you're dropping off, sleep through and you'll be the one awake worrying or she will be fine and just hungry in the morning! 🤞 For you anyway! 
  • Thanks ladies. I’ve tried upping her to 8oz each bottle today but she still only took 7oz and that was with some persistence! Hopefully she is hungry in the morning! I’d like to start her solids back up, as she loved having a little something! 

    When all the panic shopping was happening I considered getting some cloth nappies! Managed to get some and I stopped looking. Let us know how you get on. I’ve bought some of those cheeky wipes to use when she is feeding, hopefully they will be better than wet wipes!
  • @Witmore26 JUST looking at Cheeky Wipes just now. I saw them on Part Time Working Mummys Instagram and fancied them but wasnt brave enough to take the plunge. We got some microfiber cloths from our sister in law for Jamie and they look just like reusable wipes. I wonder if I should just give those a go because they're still sealed in his drawer! Let me know how you get on with them. I've only bought the bundle of 5 'day' nappies for now so will use Rascals at night and up my collection of they're good. I've got a couple that at unisex so I can try them on Evie too. Hoping pop studs might stop her stripping naked so easily! 
  • @JaneDC and @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 howling at your little ones comments and actions! You’ve brightened my evening 😂 
    We’ve just put out our old sofa and chair on the front for collection tomorrow so got no furniture until the new corner sofa is delivered tomorrow afternoon. It’s the first brand new sofa I’ve ever owned so I’m super excited 😆 Just hoping it will fit through the door now!! Or we’ll have to do some serous manoeuvring in order to get it in 😰 
  • Haha @LivyLouby you should have stuck them in the back garden for the nice weather. I believe it's the redneck thing to do 😂!

    Jamie's up again. Sweating buckets but not upset after his bottle. Its a bit of a catch 22 because the room is perfect temp for him but he won't settle unless swaddled, and he only accepts one blanket for swaddling now, a chunky one from Asda. So I can wrap him up and he sleeps soundly but might overheat or I can leave him as is, in a really fine (almost like a babygrow) sleeping bag over his vest and be up several more times tonight.

    Any suggestions how to break him of his swaddling habit? I'm sure he's too big for it now and with Evie she naturally started fighting out of hers around 3 months but if his comes loose he screams until he's back tightly wrapped 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I would have if they were decent condition but they’re leather and cat scratched, broken arm and cushions going mouldy inside! 😷 
    Sorry can’t help about swaddling. Immy was never swaddled and even now I get all paranoid about her overheating at night! 
  • @LivyLouby enjoy the new couch when it arrives. That's the real sign of adulthood isn't it - excitement over furniture. I was beside myself over the shed getting delivered 😂!

    I gave in and swaddled him. He's still intermittent rolling but I'm starting to worry he does it in a swaddle and I don't notice. I'm a light sleeper but still.

    Currently have them both engrossed in Justin's House. God I hate him....

  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 haha! We usually have Nick Jr. , cartoonito or tiny pop channels on. So it’s mainly paw patrol, super wings or firemen sam! If Peppa pig comes on I turn over, I can’t stand Peppa! 🐷 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 I follow a couple of sleep accounts on insta; calmandbrightsleepsupport and takingcarababy and they have loads of free advice in their highlights section so you will probably find something in there to help with swaddling. Hallie would never be swaddled, she even hated the sleepyhead I spent £150 on! I tried to sell that on ebay and people only wanted to give £30 incl postage for it!!!! Its about 1 hour of her being in it from being brand new so I kept it!

    We have CBeebies or Tiny Pop on. Hallie’s faves are Peter Rabbit and Alvin & The Chipmunks 😂

    Hallie didnt wake for a feed, and I’ve managed to get her to have 2 8oz bottles this morning, so hopefully if she can take those she will only be something like 1oz short of what she was having. 
  • @LivyLouby Peppa is also the worst! And why is daddy pig always at the nursery? Doesn't he have work?

    @Witmore26 I actually follow calmandbright but hadn't thought of looking there as he does sleep, but only swaddled 😂. Defo keep the sleepyhead, people are chances. In that case I'd rather keep it incase I have another, or loan it out to friends who need one! Use it as a TV cushion for her while you do the housework!

    We like Postman Pat in our house.  110% cannot stand Masha and the Bear. Most annoying kid on the planet! 
  • @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 noooo Bing is the most annoying!! Why are the adults smaller than the kids? Is that somekind of hidden message? 

    My Ella’s Kitchen weaning pack came today. It says in there that the average baby will only have 17oz of milk when weaning. Is that right?  Xx

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