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Controlled cry

I have started the controlled cry with my 15 month old as he’s never been a great sleeper I tried this when he was around 8 months old but it didn’t work with him then. He is now 15 months old and has never slept through the night once and he seemed to get worse with sleep and waking constantly through the night the older he got. We’re now  on about day 4 of the controlled cry and he will now settle of to sleep by himself with very little fuss which he has never done. The first night he cried on and off for about 40 min before he fell asleep but he slept for a good 4 hrs which he has also not done before the second night he did the same cried on and off for about 40 min but then slept for 5 and half hours before he cried out. The 3rd and 4th night he has gone down with none to very minimal crying and will settle himself to sleep but is now constantly waking through the night every 1hr to 2 hrs and sometimes every half hour to an 1hr where he will initially cry out and we have to lie him back down and tell him that it’s night time and it’s sleep time he will then settle back off himself again as soon as we leave the room with very little to no crying so he’s not really having a strop or tantrum to be with us or to be settled off by us as he will fall back to sleep with very little fuss but still constantly wakes. Does anyone know if this is normal or should he be sleeping for much longer periods with the controlled cry by now? 


  • hi my little girl who's now 4 was exactly like absolute utter nightmare at nights shes only id say in the last year began to fully sleep through it was a nightmare, nothing worked with her atall, controlled crying ended up like your situation it just didn't work up every hour. In the end we ended up buying a blow up bed and camping in her room with her, she then would see us lying down and then she would go back off, we did this for ages then left the bed, set it up like we were in there and she started to sleep through still thinking we were in there. Eventually the bed came out of the room and she had got herself into a night routine and it started to get better we still had to sleep in there with her every now and then but not as much. Now she's brilliant she has a story and goes to sleep whilst I'm reading. It was so hard. I really feel your tiredness. My son was fab hes 2 and no where near like what his sister was. Hope you start to get some sleep soon xxx
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