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Competitive mother

y baby is 3 months old and a woman I worked with (who has a 4 month old) who i have as a friend on Facebook is driving me bonkers.
I initially thought I was being paranoid but for example I put a pic up of my baby in a dress and then she does making comments about her beautiful dress. I put up a pic of my daughter on her bean bag and she puts up one of her daughter on a massive bean bag. I put up a post about my daughter getting her vaccines and she puts up an anti vax post. Tonight she put up a post saying 'no dummy - just mummy'. Before she done that I put up a post with my daughter with a dummy in her mouth!
I am going to unfollow her on facebook but is this something that I will repeatedly get from some mothers? Tips on how best to deal with it? I find it pathetic that sone mothers want to compare their children to others and want to put out they are better parents!


  • Awww I know how you feel hun my children are 4 and 2 now  ut I had this same problem with a women when I had my first, my first born Little girl was 6 weeks preemie and was in hospital for 2 weeks in an incubater she did fab and was able to come home still under NICU outreach. The lady had her baby 5 weeks early and was constantly saying hers was able to come home after a week because she's very strong and all this, then constantly posting things like this lady is doing to you, always competing with me. It drove me insane. I took her off FB and when she messeged asking why I told her strait about how pathetic it was and things. Its so silly isn't it! Both mine have dummies and I don't regret it lol leave her to her pathetic 'my baby is better than your baby outlook as she's trying to get so much attention and just being pathetic. Your doing it because you want to show of your gorgeous baby 👶  and thats the right way to do it! Your a fab mummy xx
  • Happiness loves privacy. I have never uploaded my personal pictures or pictures of my children. And this is because I do not want to get evil eye from other people. Showing your private life on social media isnt necessary. I hope that you will be able to stay away from this deceive and focus on happiness of your family. Jealous and envy people are everywhere and once you give them chance - they will take it. But obviously you dont have to follow my advice. But seems like its bothering you so I would do something about it. As someone who doesnt upload things online I'm living quite a happy life without anyone knowing my private business.
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