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This is a new thread for the people from our Due in June 2020 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby, or are expecting any time now.

If you've not been part of the Due in June 2020 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around then, feel free to post and join in. 

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  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
    edited Jun 22, 2020 10:30AM
    Tagging all the mums here! Come and let us know how you're all doing. 
    @ChenisteM @MillP @Vickyjay1 @georgiatim @Ac2984 @Cath654 @Followyourdreams @AmyLS
  • Hey everyone! Mabel is 2 weeks old today. We’re on our way for her hearing test, hope your all doing well XX 
  • We doing great haven’t stopped smiling for the past 11 days even tho she has day and night mixed up 😂  but time is flying by ☹️ Get to officially register her birth this week then she has her hip scan appointment. How is everyone else getting on ? 
  • Hi everyone. Libbie is 3 wks and 2 days now. So scary how quick it goes. Im missing my bump now 😣
  • Hi all, Alex is 1 week and 2 days old now 😊 really trouble with sleeping cause he feeds at 5 to 10 mins at a time and wakes up often, so thats tough 😩
    @georgiatim did you not get a gearing test at hospital? Alex didn't get one either, I'm wondering when they'll be in touch to arrange. 
    I'm not sure I can register births at the moment in my area yet @Cath654
    @Mumma87 I miss the bump a little, and the emotional feeling of being pregnant, but not the uncomfortable pains etc 😩
  • @AmyLS I love the cuddles with bub tho. And being able to see my feet again 😂... I had hosp ring me to arrange hearing test when she was 10 days xx
  • @AmyLS they seem to be doing things fairly quick here had her hearing test at four days old got discharged from midwife at 7 days 😂 normally takes weeks to get an appointment here 🙈 

    @Mumma87 miss my bump but then it’s nice to be able to bend  and get comfy again 🤣 
  • @Cath654 I literaly said that in comment above. Lol I miss it but I love my cuddles with my princess and seeing my feet again. I can even do my own shoe laces up now I can bend over properly lol xx
  • @Mumma87 took me about ten minutes to write that out little one was deciding weather she wanted a cuddle or not 😂 deffo nice been able to do your own laces up without the help of others 
  • Haha agree with you both about the bending 😂 so glad I can move around again!
    Hopefully the hospital will ring me up soon with an appointment then. I've been told he's got to have a scan on his hips too cause of being footling breach at 37 weeks. 
    Alex had his first bath last night 🥰
  • @AmyLS I had a letter through the door with an appointment on. Only took two minutes! And she slept thank god!! 
    I do kind of miss being pregnant, being able to feel her wriggle about but that’s about it. 😂 glad your all doing okay. Xx 
  • AmyLS said:
    Haha agree with you both about the bending 😂 so glad I can move around again!
    Hopefully the hospital will ring me up soon with an appointment then. I've been told he's got to have a scan on his hips too cause of being footling breach at 37 weeks. 
    Alex had his first bath last night 🥰
    Aww love this pic such a handsome boy... ❤️..
    Yea just wait hun they will be in touch xx
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
    edited Jun 29, 2020 11:00AM
    Tagging @MrsParaskeva
    How is everyone doing here? And how are you guys managing introducing your baby to your relatives, like grandparents? 
  • Hi All, 
    Gracie has just turned 5 weeks old yesterday 😍 Time passes so fast 💕
    Here's her big brother too. Ethan 2 and a half! Hope you are all well and enjoying your babies xxx
  • I somehow only just saw this thread! 

    Austin is 5 weeks old today! The time is flying by! 
    He had his hearing test the day he was born and again at 5 days as one ear failed but he then got the all clear. 

    We were supposed to be referred for a hip scan for clicky hips but they aren’t doing them here at the moment so we have to wait for his check up at 8 weeks and if he’s still got it then we should go on a list to be referred when they start back up again! 

    We’re getting real smiles now which is lovely 😊 the pic below was after bath time which he absolutely loves!

    hope everyone is doing ok! Xx

  • Mabel is 3 weeks old today! She’s growing so quickly. Hope your all getting on okay. X
  • Loving all the baby pics 🥰 time is still flying by how’s everyone coping with not been able to visit family members with COVID situation? My little ezmai is now 18 days 
  • @Cath654 aw she’s so cute!

    im actually enjoying it, it sounds bad but my mum, sister and my in-laws have met her. My dad hasn’t due to shielding. But other than that we’ve had a few garden/window visitors but it’s been nice that we’ve not had 1000 people in and out and we can just relax and enjoy this time. I think it would of been to much for me to have so many people in, I struggled emotionally quite abit after having her and just felt everything was very overwhelming so it’s selfishly been quite nice for me. Xx 
  • Such cute babies we all have! 

    @cath654 I have been able to do garden visits with all of my immediate family (Mum, dad and 2 sisters), made the most of the good weather to go and see them! It’s hard them not being able to cuddle the kids though! 
    I’m looking forward to the rules changing again on 4th as I’ll be able to see my parents more regularly and not have to rely on the weather! They also has a completely separate bedroom/bathroom etc so we will be able to stay over! 
    I can’t wait for us to get past covid and reach a new normal! I’ve already been off work 3 months (due to being furloughed) but it doesn’t really feel like I’m on Mat leave yet! Xx
  • We posted at the same time @georgiatim, but I completely feel the same! It is nice to have the space to get used to new routines etc without the pressure of visitors! 
    I struggled with my oldest and ended up with quite bad PND and I really felt the pressure so I’ve actually been quite relieved this time to be able to have some space! 
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