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Rainbow Babies 🌈👶 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Rainbow Babies 🌈👶 thread, as the first thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Mummytolilyandharry love his house, how long did he stay in it? 😂

    @EmJ3 they've got me run ragged I don't know what planet I'm on half the time.

    Last night Jamie WOULD NOT SLEEP. We think it's the 8 month regression a few weeks early. Finally got him down and Evie woke him up half an hour later. I lost my temper and still feel guilty about it. This was him at half 11 last night, then finally asleep with his doggy. And now, them both napping still even though they've not had lunch... 

  • Awww @EvelynAndJamiesMummy6390 it’s hard isn’t it. Matilda’s sleep is pretty bad at the moment too. I putting it down to teething? God knows. 
    Evie and Jamie are gorgeous.xxxx
  • So this is probably a stupid question but did anyone feel like their bump went when they lated down?!

    When I'm stood up and walking people have been commenting that I look more rounded and my shape has changed, I feel. Bloated still and I'm a size 16/18 anyway so I know a proper bump is gunna take a bit longer
    But when I lay down it's like it all disappears 

    Anyone else have this or am I the only one 😂😂
  • @MrsRees totally normal, I'm a size 18 and my bump wasn't really obvious lying down until maybe 20-24 weeks for each of my 2. So nice that people are starting to notice you changing though 😍
  • same for me too @MrsRees. I was the same as
  • Ah brilliant Thst makes me feel so. Much better, I cannot wait to start feeling movement soon I'm 14w3d today 
  • @MrsRees so excited for you! On movement I felt Evie around 19 weeks and Jamie from 17 so hopefully you aren't too far off! 
  • I'm glad you said 19 weeks for evie as so many people have said like 15 weeks but I don't think I will feel it that early tbh 
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