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Are bras necessary after childbirth?

HappyTinaHappyTina New
edited Aug 17, 2020 5:43AM in Baby
Hi all,

I'm looking for advice from women experienced with not wearing bras before, during, and after pregnancy.

I'm 31, 7 months pregnant (first time), and have typically never worn a bra (for comfort reasons). Before pregnancy my breasts were B-cup (probably up to C-cup now).

My question is, do I need to start wearing a (matenity) bra after giving birth?

I understand leakage may be issues, but breast pads may solve this problem.

Any advice or sharing of experiences is welcome, thank you in advance.


  • Personally I prefer a bra due to the not so nice feeling of boobs against skin or bump (sweaty 🤣). I also find the heavier they get in pregnancy the more they ache and cause back ache. You may be blessed with a perky pair but mine definitely look a little sad and the weight can increase stretch marks & wrinkles. On a different note breast pads can be seen easily if stuck to clothing instead of the inside of a bra and would move more. Also if trying to stop a milk supply a tighter fitting bra will help. Lots of pros & cons but personally I would get one definitely for after baby. Ones without an underwire are far more comfortable 
  • If you plan to breast-feed, I advice you to buy a bra. You need to manage with the milk supply and if you don't want to have a wet top in public, it's essential to have a bra. Don't forget that your breath will still grow up after your deliver, so buy a bra with an extra size. And I'm agree with the last post, ones without an underwire are far more comfortable. 
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