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Dream feeding? Is it working for you?

MumofEGMumofEG New
edited Aug 18, 2020 10:12AM in Baby
Hey all, apologies in advance for the lengthy post.
New mum too so bare with me if I've got the wrong end of the stick anywhere too... I'm winging it every day!

So basically I'm waiting to get some insight on whether I should carry the dream feed on or leave it for the moment and pick it back up when shes slightly older. Does it work for you?

I've a 10 week old baby who always wakes around the same times despite a dream feed. Before the dream feed, we used to keep her with us till we went to bed between 10pm and 11pm and would feed her awake then put her down.
Since a few weeks ago, we've been bathing, pjs, bottle and bed for around 7/7:30pm as she's been getting so crabby in the evenings, the HV suggested trying bed time as she's probably tired and so thats been working really well for us.

But because shes asleep still by the time we go to bed, I've been offering a feed, dream feed.

So before bed time "routine" was introduced she would sleep 10/11pm till 3/3:30am then until 6/7.
Since bedtime routine its 7:30 ish until we offer feed at 10/11 but she's not really awake at this point... then she goes till 2:30am sometimes 3am. Then up at 7 with the odd wake up in-between form 5:30am.

Note: I'm not trying to force my baby to sleep though at 10 weeks old so please don't jump on me for that... what I'm wondering is, is it worth just leaving her at our bedtime and letting her sleep or shall I carry on the dream feed. Cause either way I don't think its making much difference? I was under the impression the dream feed helps them have a slightly longer stint but it doesn't for me so should I just leave it until she's older? A bit like filling the tank even though It's not empty before the journey ahead kind of thing.

I know they're not meant to sleep too deeply due to SIDS and waking is good but she's a good waker and I know she will when she needs me.

All and any advice much appreciated.
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