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Nappies leaking

XoxO5CXoxO5C Regular
edited Aug 24, 2020 7:40AM in Baby
My baby boy is 10 weeks old and around 5 weeks ago we moved him onto size 3 nappies as his size 2 were leaking within half an hour of changing. For the last couple of days he has started leaking again on the side and I am thinking is it time to move him up a size again but size 4 at 10 weeks old seams very excessive. We currently use Aldi’s but we have also tried more expensive brands like pampers and still have the same problem.(his willy is pointed down) It feels as though I am really having to pull the tabs to fasten the nappies. I also don’t know how much he weighs due to not seeing a Heath visitor due to COVID! 


  • Size 3 at 10 weeks already seems too large!
    Can you try weighing him at home- weigh yourself first and then with him to determine his weight?
    my baby at 12 weeks is still in size 1s honest diapers(8-14lb)
  • I use aldi nappies and move him up a size when I find it hard to pull the tabs to close them. My boy is nearly 9 months,  he's in size 5+. I've just moved him up, as I could barely close the size 5 nappies.

     I wouldnt worry about what size nappy he is in, once its a good fit. 

    I've had only had a few leaks with these nappies. I find them very good for the price.

    If you find the tabs are too tight, but the area around his legs are too loose, you might just need to try other brands.

  • XoxO5CXoxO5C Regular
    edited Aug 27, 2020 11:49AM
    Thank you for your comments. 

    He is a very chunky on his waist and legs and grew out of size 1’s and 2’s very quickly to the point we couldn’t even fasten them. I have since weighed him and he weighs 14lbs. 

    I have solved the problem and realised his daytime leaks were caused by compression leaks from him pants, since changing his clothes from 0-3 to his 3-6, we now have no daytime leaks. 

    I also tried doubling up his nappies at night and this has solved his nighttime leaking 🤩
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