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  • @SmithL35 Denver has porridge for brekki, a jar or pouch for dinner he always has broccoli or cauliflower florets well cooked so they are mushy he just holds them himself bananas, kiwi anything mushy really I was always told if you are giving as a whole food give in their hand if you are spoon feeding then make sure it purée until they are 7-8 months, again every baby is different! I make Denver blueberry, banana kiwi and strawberry all mushed then add yogurt and put in freezer stick trays and just let him hold them when they are set he loves them and they soothe his gums xx 
  • @SmithL35 I agree it could be he’s having a growth spurt. It sounds like you’re coping beautifully though. And what a great weight! William is 24 weeks and only 14lb 6oz. You have super boobs right there 🤣. I’m hoping he has a growth spurt now he’s having quite a bit of solids. He seems to like anything we give him. We have baby rice and I’ll mash up a raspberry or bit of banana into it for breakfast. I’ll usually cook a bit of veg & whizz it up with a bit of meat and boiled water for lunches then he has finger foods at tea of whatever we’re eating which tonight happened to have homemade oven chips & peas. He loves finger foods the most and is good at chewing. 
    As @Wellcome1 said all babies are different. William can’t roll over either really, he’s done it a few times by accident but not for ages. He can sit up though with a bit of support. Babies don’t read the rule  book. But it shows we care as we worry so much x 
  • @Wellcome1 how is Denver? Any news on his weight gain? X 
  • @VRob123 Denver has his paediatric appointment this morning at 10! I will obviously update when I have been xx 
  • Thank you both so much for your help and advice :)@Wellcome1 and @VRob123 x

    Wow Oscar is quite a heavy baby then 🤣 I sometimes feel like there isn't much milk in my boobs so had been wondering if he is even getting enough! I was so naive and thought that I would be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by now as one of my friends said she was and back in her clothes by 6 weeks!!! I'd never asked anyone else so assumed that was doable......I am like a stone and a half heavier and although I'm losing a few pounds walking lots I just eat when I'm hungry! Because the heart consultant was so impressed with Oscar's weight gain I want to just carry on as we are but I wonder if I will ever be my pre-pregnancy weight. Is anyone even thinking about it or am I being silly to think about it? X
  • VRob123VRob123 Regular
    edited Feb 24, 2021 8:32PM
    @SmithL35 As woman we give our entire body over to another human being, and even after birth we’re still nurturing & feeding another human. Our bodies are amazing! I think until little man is well into having solids and not relying on you, you can cut yourself some slack on the whole weight loss thing. I’ve stopped eating loads of daim bars between meals as I realised they really were for my benefit and not for him 🤣. But like you I’ve not lost the baby weight. I’m 2 stone heavier than I was. It’ll come off eventually when there isn’t a small milk demon attached to me and no more lockdown boredom eating 🙈
  • Morning ladies, so Denver had his paediatric doctors appointment yesterday! He still hasn’t gained much weight but we think we now know why? Denver has an allergy to cows milk! Crazy I know especially when I is still breastfed.
    Apparently the cows milk I have daily is transferred in my milk and any premade jars and yogurt that he has besides me all contain cows milk, so we are both now on cows milk free diets for the next 6 weeks they will re asses him and see if he is gaining weight and his bowel movements have improved 😳 yesterday I made him ready brek with oat milk for his supper and he loved it! Me not so much, no more hot chocolates for me 😫 or cheese, butter, milk in my mash!! 
    @SmithL35 aww please don’t worry about your weight! You carried and nurtured a human being inside you for 9+ months and are still feeding him yourself! Your body will eventually go back to “how it was” give yourself time and enjoy your wiggly bits as that little Man U love so much will love you no matter what shape or size you are you did the most amazing thing in the world by having your baby and your body carries your battle scars wear it with pride xx 
  • @Wellcome1 so glad they’ve hopefully found the cause. My daughter has a cows milk allergy causing eczema and reflux, so dry skin may be something to look out for. It’s crazy what passes through breast milk. Really hoping he gains a good chunk in the next few weeks. 
  • Thank you again ladies :) xx 

    Ah @Wellcome1 I'm glad they have found that out  and as @VRob123 says I hope he  now gains more weight bless him xx

  • Morning ladies 😊 TMI post sorry in advance! So on Tuesday me n the hubby BD and after we couldn’t locate the condom! It was inside me so obviously came off at some point during! It’s safe to say the contents were no longer in the condom!
    as you know I still haven’t had my periods since having Denver so no clue wen I am due to ovulate so I bought some OPK (never ever used these) and I have no clue if I have just ovulated as they start dark ish and go lighter?? See pic! Pls help me I’m not sure if any of you have used these so any advice would be great! 
    Be my luck the 1 time it happens I would b ovulating!! The top pic is the morning after xx thanks xx

  • @Wellcome1 what a palava 🤣. They’re all negative though. You’re right, they’re at peak when at their darkest, those look very low LH 
  • @VRob123 phew!! Thanks so much! All the babies I’ve had and never used these so was unsure how to read them! Xx 
  • @VRob123 I’m assuming they would be darker if I had just ovulated or does it drop quickly?? 
  • @Wellcome1 no they are the darkest about 24-48 hours before you ovulate. But yes it does drop very fast.
  • Hello everyone :)

    I wondered if anyone else who is breastfeeding had any soreness start around 20ish weeks? Oscar will be 22 weeks this week, and for the last week or so both nipples have been sore, like really sharp when he is feeding. I looked to see if any teeth are coming through but can't see anything :/ xx
  • @SmithL35 yeesssss!!! It’s only this week subsided and he’s 24 weeks. I was getting milk blebs I think they’re called. Like a blocked duct on the nipple that looks like a white pimple. Touch wood the last few days it’s better. Warm bath helped me. It could also be your hormones causing tenderness. Perhaps you’re due a period soon? 
  • Oh how weird that you have had soreness too!! I think I will start using the nipple cream I used at the beginning again. It just so gutted because it hasn't been painful for so long up until last week :/ 

    Hmm not sure, I haven't had any periods yet :/ I sometimes get period type pain and assume that is when I would usually bleed? X
  • @SmithL35 yes I wish I knew when I’m due too. TMI but I had some ovulation type discharge a week or so ago so wonder if I’ll be due soon 🤷‍♀️. Can’t believe we’ve nearly had our little ones half a year!
  • I swear my period is due soon. I’ve spent all day wanting to poke my husband in the eye. I feel like everything he’s done today is to annoy me 🤣
  • Hahaha oh bless you! X
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