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  • Aww @Lucy16277 @XOXO1 what beautiful babies!! They both are still so dinky, Denver’s like a tank! Lol 
    yep every few days Denver has trapped wind and he screams until it passes 😔 I spoke to the gp at our 8 week check and he said to offer cooled boiled water to help xx 
  • @Wellcome1 ah bless him. The grow so quickly don’t they.

    I have been using gripe water but it was so hard to give her because she kept choking. I have just brought a dummy medicine dispenser  and it’s brilliant so I’m hoping she gets some relief now xx
  • @XOXO1 they are a god send the dummy dispenser I used it with my others but Denver won’t take a dummy or bottle or anything other than boob! I feel like I could take on the world today, Denver slept from 9 till 3!!! That’s the longest stretch of sleep I’ve had in almost 11 weeks xx hope everyone else is doing ok? Xx 
  • @Wellcome1 yaaaay!!! Well done Denver :) 

    I hope this the start of his new routine. 

    That’s tricky if he will only accept the boob. What about getting a small syringe or putting it on your boob for him to take it like that? Could take a while though xx
  • @XOXO1 I did try the spoon feeding but he gets so upset as it’s not fast enough then I find him exhausting all his energy crying! I have spoken to the health visitor and she said some babies just won’t take anything else and it will most likely be at 6 months when I introduce solids when this will change! I absolutely love feeding him exclusively I just struggle to get anything done even food shop is difficult as he still feeds every 2hrs in the day! 
    So the night before was a one off he fed at 11,1:30 4 and 6 last night, oh well it was nice while it lasted! Lol 
    how are you getting on? Has your milk established it’s routine yet? Mine is settling down now as I was over producing and found myself with wet tops a lot! But the past week I seem to be producing a good amount for when he needs it still using Brest pads tho xx
  • @Wellcome1 ah I know exactly what you mean, Arabella Is the same. She’s either feeding on me, using me as a dummy or fussy because of trapped wind and I struggle to complete a whole task some days. I have tried food shopping a handful of times and she’s screamed even though I’ve just fed her.
    having the dummy dispenser tonight saved us cause she was so unsettled and uncomfortable. I can’t get her to have it any other way now cause she has so hard.

    Ah bless you, was it too good to be true? 🤦🏻‍♀️ I definitely think BF babies are feeding more through the night. 
    I have been tempted to give her a bottle of formula before bed once I know she will take the gripe water or colief consistently. My health visitor actually recommended it do I can get a bit of sleep. 

    Keep preserving with Denver cause I think refusing a teat/syringe is normal but then they come round. That’s what I’ve heard from others anyway xx 
  • Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing ok. William is 3 weeks! Where has that gone🙈

    @XOXO1 we give a bottle at bed time after a quick go on the boob. He actually went 5 hours after that last night! He tends to cluster feed in the evening so we need to give a bottle as I’m empty 🙈

  • 7wks and so damn cute 🥰
  • Aww look at them cheeks! She’s beautiful @Metalchick Denver’s 11 weeks old now xx

  • 3 of my boys 💙
  • @Metalchick @Wellcome1 they both look gorgeous! All that time waiting for them and now they’re growing so quickly! William was weighed today, he’s put on 13oz in 9 days 🤣

    What do you guys use as a lotion on them for dry skin? 
  • Aw they’re all so beautiful ❤️ Don’t we make gorgeous little babies :) 

    @VRob123 I use Aveno the calming one xx
  • @VRob123 I use aveno baby it’s brill stuff @XOXO1 beautiful!! They are all growing so fast!! Xx 
  • Aww the babies are all gorgeous isn’t it a joy having them here 🥰 
    @VRob123 I’ve been using child’s farm baby moisturiser 
  • @VRob123 I’m gonna just bite the bullet and give it a go. Has William been okay with it? No poorly tummy or anything? Xx
  • How’re you @SmithL35 I hope you’re both doing well xx
  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions! 

    @XOXO1 he’s been absolutely fine. I spoke to the health visitor today who said they suggest it if it gives you a bit more sleep and if baby is cluster feeding at night. Just fills them up for a bit longer. But it’s whatever you feel comfortable with. 
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