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  • @Claire1234939 I had my first period at 5wks and it lasted 16 days 🤬 it was super heavy with lots of big clots and lucky my I’ve just started my second 😔 and I’m exclusively breastfeeding 
    hope you’re feeling better soon @SmithL35 😘 

    This was lily at her swimming group today she loves it! 
  • Awwww @Metalchick that photo is too cute!!! 😍
    So I wonder if u will get a period in a few weeks. Oscar is 2 and a half weeks old now. 

    @EmJ3 I will keep a close eye out, really hope it just heals and that is it 🤞

  • Sorry you’re still in pain @SmithL35 I hope these antibiotics work.

    Arabella is 8 weeks old today... where is the time going 😭.

    I can’t believe the whole pregnancy journey is over... I feel kinda broody when I think about it 🤦🏻‍♀️ Xx
  • Thank you @XOXO1 :) it's my birthday today so I'm enjoying my first one as a mummy 🥰 just waiting for his Daddy to get home x

    Aww 8 weeks!!!! Wow that has gone fast, I remember you posting when she was born!!!! X
  • @SmithL35 happy birthday!! Hope you had a special day with your little man who is gorgeous by the way! Time is flying by Denver was 13 weeks yesterday 😳 he had his 2nd lot of jabs today ☹️ 
    How are you feeling? Has your scar started to heal yet? 
    I have my smear on Thursday then physio for my back on Friday.
    we moved house 3days ago so it’s been crazy! We have far 2 much stuff!! And Denver still night feeding so I’m past exhausted now  
    and to top it off the kids break up on Thursday!! 

  • Thanks @Wellcome1 :) it was a very different birthday! But was lovely having Oscar here, and my parents popped round which was good. 
    I still need someone here all the time :/ but I think it is starting to get a bit easier, definitely moving wise! 
    Last day of antibiotics today, I'm just terrified it will need more, but I think I'm just worrying because I don't feel like I will ever feel normal again!

    Wow 13 weeks?! That has gone so fast!!!!
    Are you breastfeeding? We are going through a phase of it hurting :/ xx
  • Happy belated birthday @SmithL35, fingers crossed then antibiotics have knocked the infection on the head. Those photos of your little man are so cute! 
  • @SmithL35 yep still exclusively breastfeeding I’ve been really lucky I haven’t had any pain or cracked nipples but I am told it does get better. He still only tiny and these things take time but good on you for sticking it out I bet it can be very uncomfortable at times! 
    Let’s hope your on the mend now and those antibiotics have worked.
    i know 13 weeks has flown by, he’s such a love he smiles and goos at me he actually melts me xx 
  • Happy Birthday @SmithL35 🥂 🧁 I hope you had a lovely day. Xx
  • Does anyone’s baby suffer with trapped wind/colic. I have tried gripe water/ colief, rubbing her tummy, rotating her legs and nothing works 😭 xx  
  • Oh bless her @XOXO1 :( Oscar gets really bad hiccups, but sometimes cries a lot when I put him down like he needs a burp. When my Mum was here she put him down on his tummy and rubbed his back and he did lots of burns! I wouldn't have known to try that but is that worth a with her? And thank you, I have eaten so much naughty stuff :/ I'd hoped I would lose some weight breastfeeding! X

    Thank you, @VRob123 I can't stop looking at him!!! X

    @Wellcome1 how old are they when they start properly smiling?? I can't wait for that xx
  • @SmithL35 William is 5 weeks and we’re getting the occasional smile. Also like you we put him on our chest belly down and lean back, seems to help with wind. If your nipples are sore or cracked then rubbing breast milk into them at the end of a feed helps. 
  • @XOXO1 my gp told me to try cooled boiled water when they have trapped wind or constipation just make sure u have the slowest flow teat as it can take their breathe! I would have tried it with Denver but he wouldn’t take the teat!! 
    @SmithL35 we were getting proper smiles around 6 weeks and cooing around 10 weeks it’s so cute Denver tells me such a story now lol xx 
    For crack sore nipples I found lanolin cream amazing!! I haven’t used it this time around but with my others it’s amazing stuff and you don’t have to remove it before feeding which is brill xx 
  • Rhylee is 6 weeks and he has been smiling quite a lot now, it’s so adorable when they do I love it 😍xx

  • First injections today 😭 I feel sick xx
  • @VRob123 and @Claire1234939 such gorgeous photos!!! Love the smiles!!!!

    @Wellcome1 thank you, I have some of the cream. It doesn't seen to be working 😣 yesterday it was odd that he started crying whilst feeding :( I had no idea what was wrong :(

    Oh bless @XOXO1 I read to have calpol in ready, does that help them? X
  • @SmithL35 aww no that’s a shame it worked wonders for me! The calpol is given straight after the vaccine as the meningitis one can give them a high temp only for 23hrs tho. 
    @XOXO1 aww it’s horrible Denver had his 2nd lot on Tuesday just keep up with the calpol and I found a warm flannel on the injection site helps with any swelling and discomfort x 
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  • Hey all hope everyone is well the photos are adorable 😊
    sorry you’re going through it @SmithL35 is the breastfeeding getting any easier? Lily will just do a random cry while feeding then carry on 🤷‍♀️
    I’ve been messing about today doing craft stuff and did this 😂 I love it

    I love Halloween we’ve some how ended up with three costumes 😂 anyone else found shopping for baby clothes an addiction 
  • @Metalchick that’s amazing 🤣🤣 
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