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  • Haha aww @Metalchick love it :) I tried nipple shields today which Oscar has taken to well. I just wanted to give my nipples a bit of a break as they are still so sore. I think I have just let him get lazy with the latch so it's not right anymore x
  • morning ladies! How is everyone? Me and mine are all fine Denver is still feeding 2x in the night it’s been a very long 14weeks! I honestly cannot believe my baby was 14 weeks on Monday it’s going far 2 fast!! My oldest baby was 18 yesterday lol 
    I look at all my babies and realise how lucky I am they can be hard work at times but my god do I love them a mothers love is unconditional and like no other love 💙♥️ Xx

  • Denver 14 weeks old xx 
  • @Wellcome1 14 weeks! That’s crazy!! Such a cutie though so you can forgive the wake up calls 🤣

    william is 6 weeks now, also up twice in the night and luckily goes down well straight after 🤞. I’m besotted 💙
  • @VRob123 it’s crazy how fast it’s going! He is 9 weeks corrected but 14 weeks since birth xx 
    yeh Denver’s not bad after his feeds sometimes if it’s like 5ish he wants to get up! 
    He’s so much more alert through the day now it’s difficult to get anything done I swear he can sense when I leave a room lol xx
    wow 6 weeks already! How’s he getting on? Has he been weighed recently? Xx 
  • @Wellcome1 it’s crazy how quickly they change. They have a sixth sense, as soon as I plate up a meal he’s awake 🤣. He tends to stay awake for about 45 mins after a feed, smiles, gurgles and looking around. I weigh him in a washing basket on our scales, haha. He’s about 10 and a half now. How much does Denver weigh? X
  • Hey everyone @Wellcome1 Denver is such a cutie ☺️ 
    Lily was 10wks yesterday I weighed her and she’s 10lb 4.5 and don’t hate me but the last few weeks she has been sleeping through the night last feed 10.30-11pm then sleeps through till around 6.30am and always gives me the biggest smile when she wakes 🥰🥰 

  • @Metalchick wow I’m jealous lol Denver did ok last nite he went from 10-4 so we are getting there!! She doing fab and gaining lovely xx @VRob123 he’s weighs 12lb now! He’s just below the 25th percentile line I’m really pleased with his gain as he was only
    5lb 5 at birth xx  
    are you both still breast feeding? Denver is still completely breast fed, he still won’t take a bottle or dummy xx 
  • Hi everyone :)
    Awww lovely photos @Wellcome1 😍
    Oscar was 4 weeks old yesterday. 
    We are still having some feeding issues which is getting me down but I phoned the transition ward we were on the other day and they said to go in and talk to someone about feeding. It was such an unsettled day and we talked more about my tears about the birth. She also looked at my scar and said to see a gp about it which worried me. I just want to get the feeding sorted!!!
    I'm trying so hard to get the latch sorted but even if I manage to get a big chunk in his mouth he still pulls his head back and ends up just on the nipple :( is that meant to happen??? I feel like it is too sore to be normal? I just don't know how to do it :( but I keep frustrating him by starting him again, which makes him so upset :( 
  • @SmithL35 is it sore during the whole feed or just the first few minutes? Mine used to hurt for the first few minutes like needles stabbing inside my nipple but her mouth was tiny and she has slight tongue tie now she’s a bit bigger she can fit more in her mouth and it doesn’t hurt at all now also has he been checked for tongue tie? That can cause issues, I’m so sorry you seem to be having issues especially with your section scar hope things pick up for you soon 😘
    @Wellcome1 yes I am still exclusively breastfeeding but she does have a dummy at times I haven’t tried with a bottle I did consider expressing so my oh can feed her but just seems like too much faff 😂 

  • Sorry to spam but too cute 🥰 I love Halloween 🎃🎃
  • @Metalchick it usually gets a bit less painful but he slips to just my nipple and that hurts :(
    I went to see someone at hospital on tuesday and she said to push him onto my boob but I find it really hard because I don't want to hurt him. I feel like I have just left it too long with it not being right that he has learnt to do it wrong and I can't retrain him :/ x
  • @SmithL35 you wouldn’t hurt him pushing him on sorry if I’m just repeating things you’ve been told but if you hold your nipple by his nose and not his mouth he will naturally open a bit wider for it and then if you push him on it might work, if not trust me your nipples will toughen up if you do persevere lily will spit out my nipple and then just suck it back in from the tip and there is zero pain there at all now 
  • @Wellcome1 yes still breast feeding although I’ve had to supplement a few oz this last 24 hours. Not sure if it’s a growth spurt but he’s been draining both boobs (or just screaming as it’s not come out quick enough) and still been hungry. Is there a 6 week thing they go through? Anyone else had the same? I try not to get too hung up in having to give formula, just we were doing so well!!!! It’s only been a few oz but I really don’t want to make a habit of it. Hope he settles down to just boob again 🤦‍♀️
  • @VRob123 there is an app called wonder weeks and it explains about leaps they go through and how their behaviour changes and new stuff they are experiencing it’s quite interesting I think it’s around £3.99 I’ve found it spot on with Lily, it goes off actual due date not date they were born and the first leap is around 5wks I think
  • @Metalchick thanks Hun, I’ll take a look. I actually think it’s my fault, I’m used to him eating then sleeping whereas he’s more awake. I keep trying to shove food in him until he sleeps where actually he wants a bit of a play so gets angry at me 🤣. Today has been much better & back to all boob. Got his play gym out which he’s loved! 
  • 😂😂😂😂 @VRob123 fair enough yes Lily definitely wants to play and be entertained now rather than sleep, have a look on YouTube at hey bear baby sensory it’s little videos a black background with dancing fruit and veg etc it’s was recommended in a different baby group I’m in and Lily loves it’s she smiles and talks to it

  • Happy Halloween Ladies and Babies 🎃😃 xx
  • Love your pics of baby dressed up! ❤️ Super cute. 

    @SmithL35 I feel for you hun, it’s hard enough without all of these extra challenges. I am lucky with the latching but I know lots of people aren’t. Have you tried pumping? You might find that better. 
    @Metalchick tips on how to try and encourage him though. Do you know anyone else who breastfeed and could maybe help Conor position you? 

    I started to give Arabella a bottle of formula in the evening and she slept soooo much better. The last few nights she hasn’t even needed it so I’m thinking we are having a settled week. This has been the easiest week since she has been born. Xx
  • Does anyone know about drinking alcohol while breastfeeding? 

    I am going for some drinks with friends today and I’m unsure how long I have to leave it before I can feed her again? I have a feeling I will be quiet squiffy 😁 xx
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