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  • @XOXO1 great pumpkin pic so cute, I’ve drunk alcohol doctor said it’s fine and said it’s like dropping an ink bottle in the ocean it’s that diluted by the time it reaches the baby so fine to feed during/after but obviously not absolutely pissed but that’s more for the danger to baby with handling etc 
  • Thanks so much for the advice everyone :)
    @Metalchick it's good to know that my nipples might toughen up, and I will get that app it sounds like it will help. 
    I have a friend who is a midwife and I asked her to come and check the latch and she said that is fine and that he gets a really big mouth but it's the position that I need to change. I love lying down to feed and it doesn't seem to work so well now. 

    Oscar is 4 weeks and 4 days now, and we have found that the sleeping is getting so hard. He had been sleeping for hours in the night and waking up once or twice for a feed and them going back to sleep. Although I wonder if the antibiotics I was on made him more sleepy? As he now is not sleeping so well. He goes to bed about 8/9pm and wakes maybe 1 or 2am but then can't go back to sleep. He just cries (screams!) In his cot. As new parents we are probably fussing too much to get him out of his it ok to leave them to cry? Would he wear himself out and fall asleep? I feel like that is cruel to leave him if he is in pain but once we get him out the cot he is fine :/ x
  • @SmithL35 I personally wouldn’t leave them to cry at this age because they can’t self soothe yet have you tried him with a dummy? Lily was using me as a dummy through the night she would feed I’d put her down and she would kick off I got her a dummy and it was a game changer, Also could it be possible trapped wind? I think it was around that age lily was like that and had really bad trapped wind I used a bit of gripe water for a few days and it seemed to settle 
  • We can give the dummy a go, I hope that will help. Thank you for the advice :)
    We go something called infacol as my friend told me about it but I don't know if he has colic. Maybe we could just try it to see if it helps. I think he has trapped wind because he does burp a lot when we wind him but then he has been a little bit sick quite a few times recently. I wonder if that is him feeding on too of trapped wind :/
  • VRob123VRob123 Regular
    edited Nov 1, 2020 11:38AM
    @SmithL35 a dummy is a good idea, dummies seem to get a bad rep, with my first I was completely against them for about 4 days🤣. But my midwife said they are called pacifiers for a reason, they help calm but are also good for getting rid of hiccups & helping reflux. We used one until she was 1 as I realised I was the one putting it in even when she was happy, it became a habit of mine 🙈. Oh swaddling can also help them settle. How are you feeling now hun? I hope you’re healing well. 

    I struggle to get on here often, hope everyone is doing well xx 😘 
  • Also I don’t know how much of this is an old wives tale but I’ve been told a dummy can help reduce sids 🤷‍♀️ If it looks like a blueish bruise above top lip that’s definitely a sign of trapped wind 
  • @SmithL35 No hun, I wouldn’t leave him to cry he’s just too little and it’s his only way of communicating that something isn’t right.

    I am thinking he has trapped wind. Infacol takes a while to get into their system, unfortunately It’s not something that works over night. I would try gripe water or dentinox.
    Does he kick his legs out a lot and have a clenched fist? Does his mouth look blue?

    I give Arabella a dummy to soothe her when she needs it too and I find that helps both her and my nipples lol. 

    I have started a bedtime routine with Arabella now and it’s working a charm. I pop her in the bath at around 8 using ‘bedtime bath’, and then I will feed her and put her down. She’s so much more relaxed and settled, In my experience a bath definitely helps with colic. X

  • Thanks @Metalchick that’s good to know. 
    I must admit I really wish I didn’t have that tequila shot last night, seemed a good idea at the time 🤦🏻‍♀️. 
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  • Hey everyone,  haven't been 9n for so long.
    Arthur is now 9 weeks 4 days 
    This was him on Halloween.....

  • Lucy16277 said:
    Hey everyone,  haven't been 9n for so long.
    Arthur is now 9 weeks 4 days 
    This was him on Halloween.....

    So blooming cute!!! How are you doing? X
  • @Lucy16277 aww he’s super cute!! We’re doing good thanks, how’s you? Denver will be 16 weeks on Monday it’s gone crazy fast! He still won’t take a bottle or dummy so looks like it’s just me until weaning lol
    hope everyone else is ok? 
    I am so excited for Christmas 🎄 I love it and seeing my kids faces on Christmas morning makes it all worth while.
    it will be the 1st time in 6 years I’ve had a baby at Christmas my other 6 children can’t wait to see him (open his presents) with lots help 😂 he will be 5 months at Christmas!! X 

  • Denver 15 weeks and 5 days! Pls excuse my nails they are in need of polish but nowhere is open ☹️ 
  • William 7+4, the time is flying! I swear things were slower with the first 🙈 

    @Wellcome1 so when is number 8 coming? 🤣🙈 id love a big family x
  • We are very good thanks, just can't believe he's almost 10 weeks 🙈
    Arthur is now on the bottle and its sooo much easier, as he just wanted to be feeding from me all day.
    He's just slept through his 2nd night in a row, im hoping this is  to stay now 🤞🤣

    Love seeing all the baby photos they are soooo cute.

  • @VRob123 aww he’s such a cutie! Look at all his hair xx If it was up to my husband I would be pregnant already with number 8! 😳 my periods still haven’t returned yet but apparently that’s normal when you exclusive breastfeed?? I’ve never fed this long before! So all alien to me, but I’m sure there will be number 8 in the near future!! Will keep you all posted (of it hasn’t happened already 😂) Is anyone else still exclusively breastfeeding and waiting for there monthly?? I wish I could get him to take a bottle now I’m exhausted he still feeds in the night and with 6 others it’s hard wrk!! @Lucy16277 aww nice 2 full nights sleep I bet you feel amazing!? It crazy how fast they grow Denver’s now 12lb! X
  • @Wellcome1 thank you, my daughter had loads of hair too. Denver has such cute expressions 🤣 I’m breast feeding, haven’t had a period yet either. Do wonder if we should bite the bullet and have another now 🤣
  • @Lucy16277 he’s lovely - what a cute pic x

    @Wellcome1 I’m still BF but Arabella has a bottle at night most nights now so that helps because it’s exhausting isn’t it. Do you ever have concerns over your supply? 

    I can’t wait to get ready for Xmas :) I love that time of year and I just feel even more fortunate this year. 

    I can’t believe my son is 11 next Saturday :( I remember bringing him home for the first time and it doesn’t seem anywhere near that long ago. 

    I am so jealous of you @VRob123 My husband is adamant we’re having no more. xx 
  • @VRob123 mine have all had minimal hair at birth except 1 of my girls age had a mop of black hair now it’s blonde lol I will have another but that’s it! I had 4 by the time I was 24 I’ve got Irish twins (born in the same year) Danny was jan 2006 and Katie December 2006 then Byron feb 2008 so had 3 2 and under plus a 5 year old it was mental! I LOVE having a big family but my body is against me now I think! @XOXO1 my supply is brill I still wake up with wet tops if I don’t wear pads and I always feel full, Denver ha started cluster feeding between 6pm-9pm apparently he’s due his 14-16 week growth spurt so he is upping my supply, so clever there babies! I am going to attempt a bottle again next week even if it’s just 1 before bed he needs time with daddy (when he’s not working) and I want my period back lol I don’t want a big gap between Denver and the next 1 and they will already be a year xx
  • Hi all I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and have had two periods and lots of random spotting so doc has referred me for a scan, we are talking about another but not sure I’m ready quite yet but also have my age against me 43 so can’t leave it too long 
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