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  • @Metalchick aww no let’s hope all is ok from your scan but isn’t it quite normal to have irregular spotting while breastfeeding for upto a year after birth? 
    I did with one of my daughters and I wasn’t breastfeeding for longer than 8 weeks xx 
  • Hi everyone, and thank you for the advice :) we have tried a dummy for Oscar and it has helped at night. 

    He will be 6 weeks on wednesday  it is going fast!!!! Xx
  • @SmithL35 he looks just like you!! Such a cutie x
  • Awww @SmithL35 he’s so cute ☺️ 
    @Wellcome1 I had two fibroids that really grew during pregnancy and they were expecting me to have a large bleed out after delivery luckily that didn’t happen but they could be what’s causing issues now so the scan is to see what’s going on 

    Her Daddy was so proud to take her today shame is wasn’t as usual but still very moving 
  • Thank you @VRob123 and @Metalchick :) xx

  • Does anyone feel like it’s crazy how the milk we’re producing is making our babies grow. I don’t know why I find it so mind blowing 🤣. 
  • Definitely @VRob123 when I look at pics of her newborn and now it’s crazy how much she’s grown and all from me, makes me very proud also can’t believe she’s 12wks tomorrow it’s gone so fast 
  • @Metalchick it’s amazing isn’t it! I bottle fed my first as she wouldn’t latch so I’m proud of myself that we’ve made it to 8 weeks breastfeeding. 

    12 weeks, it’s crazy quick. Is she starting to roll over? 

  • Loving the pics. This is Arabella 11weeks yesterday ❤️

  • I take my hat off to everyone who is EBF still. I am using a bottle at night and I think I’m going to start combi feeding because I’m exhausted. I hate to admit defeat but Arabella is incredibly demanding, just the other day she was on my boob for 5 hours with little breaks in between. My other kids are getting stroppy, tired, I can’t do that with you mummy. 
    My three year old has decided to start waking up in the night again too so between them and my almost 11 year old I’m ready for bed at 4pm each day (if only that was possible). You’re all so amazing for managing to EBF, huge well done to you. 

    @Metalchick. I am having heavy periods too it’s horrid. Xx
  • @VRob123 no rolling yet not even trying lol she’s just discovered her hands and stares at them for ages and chats away like mad even try’s to sing along with me 
    @XOXO1 look at her little face so adorable 😊 the heavy periods are a nightmare aren’t they 🤯 I’ve been tempted to combo feed but also too lazy for bottles, sterilising etc and my older two are in their 20’s so don’t need me like that so it is just easier for me to breastfeed
    we got her a foil emergency blanket off eBay and she goes crazy on it kicking like mad she loves the sound our sensory class got cancelled so I’m improvising at home for now 
  • Hi ladies hope your all ok ?? So we had to get the dreaded covid test on Tuesday all my babies are negative but mine was positive ☹️ Xx 
  • Oh sorry to hear that @Wellcome1 how are you feeling hopefully you only have it mildly 
    life hack for me today Lily’s highchair arrived and I popped her in it in the kitchen while I washed up and cooked and she loved it chatting away to me the whole time 
  • @Wellcome1 oh crap! Hope you’re feeling ok, rest up. 

    @Metalchick that sounds so cute!! It’s great seeing them being more aware. Occasionally I’ll put William in his pram in the kitchen. What highchair do you have? William fits in his bumbo quite well but don’t dare let him sit in it for too long x 
  • @VRob123 it’s a cosatto noodle suitable from birth so you can recline it, I have a cosatto pram and I love the funky patterns so stuck with that I’m really happy with it has recline feature like I said and newborn insert thing around the head and you can adjust the height etc 

  • @Metalchick thanks hun, I’ll have to have a look. 

    Oh my goodness William laughed today! It was amazing! I went to the shop, came home and he’d been shouting at his dad. I took him and he settled. I said “have you been a little monkey for daddy?”, he smiled and laughed 🤣. He’s done it twice since! Soooo cute! 
  • Hi ladies, I hope you are all well? I am so much better now it’s been a rough 7 days! Thankfully I am the only one who tested positive and my 10 days isolation are now up! I still have a cough and low energy but I am now getting there!
    Denver is 17 weeks old today, I must admit exclusively breastfeeding has been hard these past few days and made me realise we need to get him to take a bottle! If I had become very ill my hubby would have really struggled to feed him and that scares me so much!!
    I have ordered some new bottles that everyone is raving about they are very expensive but are supposed to be amazing? Let’s see if they work (when they arrive) xx
    @VRob123 aww I bet that was so cute! I can’t believe how fast our babies are growing up! How old is William now? Denver doesn’t laugh it’s more of a prolonged coo lol x 
  • Hello everyone, 
    I haven't been on here much recently, doesn't the time just fly with a baby?!
    We had Oscar's appointment with the cardiologist this morning and it wasn't great news. They found 2 holes in his heart and he will be having open heart surgery rather than key hole which they'd said originally. Bit of a shock! But at least they have found it early xx
  • @SmithL35 oh bless him did they say when they would do it? Sending you lots of hugs and my thoughts are with the 3 of you xx
    @VRob123 that’s so cute Lily doesn’t really laugh she does the same as Denver 
    @Wellcome1 I’m glad you’re over the worst of it and hopefully the new bottles will work for you 

    Lily had her second lot of jabs today felt so guilty she was smiling like mad and cooing away to the nurse and me then jab and scream now she’s all good unsettled and just wants cuddles 
  • @SmithL35 aww bless you lv but like you say at least they have found it early and he won’t remember a thing when he’s older, it’s just so hard for you and your OH! Any idea when they will do it? 

    @XOXO1 thanks lv I feel so much better now and was aloud out of the house today lol Denver has his 3rd lot tomorrow! There horrid arnt they ☹️!! 
    Still waiting 4 the new bottles to arrive will let you know how we get on xx 
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