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September 2020 Babies


This is a new thread for the people from our Due in September 2020 birth club, who have given birth to an equally lovely baby, or are expecting any time now.

If you've not been part of the Due in September 2020 birth club thread so far, but have a baby born around then, feel free to post and join in. 

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  • Hey everyone so today I’m baking lactation cookies sound delicious don’t they 😜 
    how’s everyone’s little ones 
  • Ooooo what does that entail @Metalchick
  • Not breast milk fortunately lol the ingredients are supposed to help with milk production I was advised to snack on them when feeding her, tbh they didn’t look appealing when I made them but they actually taste pretty good I’ll add a link to the recipe if you like I think the key ingredients are brewers yeast and flaxseed 
  • Hi @Metalchick I’d be interested in making these. 
    Do you pump too? Does your daughter cluster feed much? X
  • Hi @XOXO1 this is the link to the ones I made they tasted better than they looked lol
    she will cluster feed every few days for a few hours at a time and different times of day I don’t pump I feel my milk supply is ok but I’m not bursting by the time she needs the next feed so if I can up it I’d be happier. My period has just started yesterday which isn’t supposed to happen when exclusively breastfeeding but it did with my older two as well I was hoping I’d get away with it for longer this time 🙄
  • @Metalchick I’m exactly the same and I’m bleeding already too and it’s only been 4 weeks. Nightmare! I didn’t expect to bleed whilst EBF either - I think we must be unlucky! 
    Thanks for the link. Let me know if your milk supply increases and if it works I will make some. 

    How much does your bub way now? X 
  • Yeah I’m gutted I’m bleeding and Lily is 5 wks, last time I weighed her which was Monday I think she was 8lb 2oz but my scales could be out a few ounces she won’t see anyone until 8wks now 🙄 I’ll let you know about the cookies one thing I’ll say I was quite constipated and they are full of fibre so have definitely got things moving 😂
  • Wow you started your periods already! Denver is now 9 weeks 3 days and I’ve had nothing! I’ve never fed my others this long so wasn’t sure when it would return xx

  • My little man Denver @ 10weeks old!! It’s going so fast xx 
  • VRob123VRob123 Regular
    edited Sep 29, 2020 8:18AM
    @Wellcome1 10 weeks already! What a gorgeous little smile. William is 2 weeks old today, it’s flown!

  • Lily 6wks today 🥰 can’t believe it’s going so fast!
  • @Metalchick she’s so cute and dainty, Denver’s like a tank lol he now weighs over 11lb it’s crazy considering how tiny he was xx still no period 4 me starting to get a little worried now xx 
  • @Wellcome1 she is little she’s still in newborn clothes, Denver’s smile is so gorgeous what did he weigh at birth? has he had his vaccinations and if so how did he get on? I’m on day 8 of period and I’m so fed up with it, it’s super heavy Lily goes to baby swim classes on sundays and j was too heavy to go in with her this week 😔

  • My little Rhylee is 3 weeks old ❤️ It really does go so fast!
  • @Metalchick he was 5lb 5 at birth and 5 weeks early! Yeh he had his jabs last week poor little love screamed! He had one in each leg and the rota virus drops in his mouth, he was very unsettled for 48hrs after and got a high temp bless him. 
    Aww swim classes that’s brill I bet she loves it, gutted for you tho not being able to go in, I wish mine would just arrive so I can get it over with! But had nothing I only fed my others for 4 weeks so not sure how long it takes when you exclusively breastfeed for this long xx 

  • @Wellcome1 with her dad she loves it, wow he was a little dink when he was born, lily has her jabs on the 14th did you give him any calpol or anything? I exclusively breastfed my older two to coming coming up to a year each and am with lily now and had periods almost straight away with all of them 😫 just unlucky I guess from what I’ve read you’re not supposed to get one so that’s probably right for you 
    @Claire1234939 he’s a little cutie 🥰

  • Cant believe my little baby Arthur is 4 weeks already 💙 time is going far too fast 😢 

    Congratulations to everyone 🎉 love seeing all the baby photos 🥰 
  • @Metalchick oh wow she’s so diddy. I got Arabella weighed at 4 weeks and she weighed 8lb 12oz lol. 

    Loving all the baby pics ladies xx

  • Does anyone else’s little one suffer with trapped wind? Arabella strains sometimes trying to pump and it really gives her a bad belly x
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