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Flat Head

Hello lovelies
During our postpartum appointment our GP pointed out the shape of my baby girls head, I was asked to take regular pics over 3 weeks, include lots of tummy time and move her head when she is asleep.

So we are 2 weeks in, Ruby is 11 weeks old and doing lots of tummy time, however moving her head is a mammoth task. If I move her head when she is sleeping she automatically moves it back to look the other way. Ive tried placing her in her cot so she looks the other way but this hasnt worked. We've brought numerous support pillows too. 

Just wondered if anyone else is going through this too?


  • Hi, my son had this when he was born....the little monkey refused to come out an hour later I finally pushed his huge head out (he's abit of a mummy's boy and very clingy even now at 3..just wanted to stay with me always haha) his head was coned and flat...were told to do the same with him but like you we couldn't do it in the end we gave up..his head is perfectly fine and he's 3 now. His little pointy head only lasted a couple of days but the flatness lasted for a good while, I began to worry but was reassured he would go back to normal and he has. Hope this helps xx
  • Yes, my daughters head is flat on one side because she favors her right side and doesn’t like to turn to the left. She is 5 months. They told me since she is not laying down as much now, it should correct itself. I would try not to worry! Sometimes I don’t think doctors understand that I can’t force my baby to keep her head a certain way
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