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3 week old that is extremely fussy and irritable at night

Mum777Mum777 Regular
edited Oct 16, 2020 7:57AM in Baby
Hello I have a 3 week old that is extremely fussy and irritable on a night. He usually grunts in his sleep and cry’s when he’s put down any time from 11pm-2:30am in this time me and my partner are lucky to have a 15 minute period where we get any sleep. In this time period he screams and cries louder than any other time period. Picking him up seems to sooth him enough to stop and once in this time he’ll cry and wake up for a feed but we aren’t sure what to do as we can’t just keep picking him up and stay wide awake for 3.5 hours a night. He also struggles with his wind on a night but is usually fine on a day too. Any suggestions or advice would be great.


  • Hello, your baby is very young, he is yet a newborn...the crying will be decrease with time. At this age tummy ache are fairly common in infants. You can move your baby's knees back and forth, like they're pedaling a bike. The motion of the lower body help release gassy pressure.
    And if you have time have a look at the youtube video "How to calm a crying baby - Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates "The Hold" (official). This video was a great help to me!
  • Maybe your doctor can help or advise if it may be suitable to try something like infacol or colief? I used both with my pair my youngest especially had trouble with tummy ache x
  • Oh hang in there. It’s so hard and tiring at the start. But it’s perfectly normal - I had the exact same with my little boy. They just want to be close to you and their digestive system is still developing so wind and tummy aches are very normal. 
    Lots of bicycle legs, gentle massage, skin to skin will help. 
    Can you sleep in the day a bit to make up for the sleep at night? 
    It’s really tough at the beginning. You’ll both get through it xx
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